Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two men get into a road rage incident. One man in a Ferrari was probably flying down the freeway and a car ahead of it changed lanes cutting him off. So they flip each other off and shout at each other (not that it does any good in a fast moving car with the windows up) all the way across town. Ferrari guy claims the other guy has a gun yet he follows him across town and confronts him at a gas station. He tells us that the guy walked across the lot with a gun. We track down the other party who gives his side of the story. The DA first wanted to take charges if we could prove their was a gun in the car which we couldn't. We had two varying statements and nothing more. The DA finally had a moment of clarity and declined any charges.

A car full of LP gang members pull up to an apartment complex looking for trouble. When the call goes out the first officer finds them and they freeze. They weren't expecting to get caught so they tossed their crack out of the window where we recovered it soon after. Two of them went to jail that night. During the interviews one of them claimed he couldn't find a job because of his felony background. The kicker is he gets social security payments because he was shot in the back! This should make everyone who pays taxes feel good. Your tax dollars support a young gangbanger who got injured from a bullet WHILE HE WAS GANGBANGING!