Sunday, February 26, 2012

A man allegedly barged into his step daughter's room and raped her. He then grabbed a gun threatening to kill him and herself. He was found driving down the freeway and momentarily fled but was caught and arrested.

A frantic man calls 911 saying his young wife shot herself. Officers arriving found a woman deceased at the location. Detectives are busy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two teens lead officers on a chase. One is caught and pepper sprayed soon after the car stops. The other teen was caught soon after.

Two drug mules come into town to do "business.". They check into a motel and leave with 2 kilos of cocaine. Sadly for them they get caught and arrested. Two days later the rest of their load consisting of more cocaine and over $100,000 in cash is found in their room by motel staff. Police are called who seize the money and cocaine. I wonder if those guys are in jail panicking over the fate of the money and cocaine they left behind.

A drunk, illegal alien (with a prior DWI) drives past an officer with two flat tires. He thought it unfair he was being arrested.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A man and woman were found dead from gunshot wounds in a motel room.

A felony fugitive in a stolen car fled during rush hour traffic. He crashed into a car and ran on foot. He was finally apprehended.

Officers got lucky investigating a suspicious vehicle and the burglar walked out and right into the arms of an officer. Property was recovered.

Two stupid teenagers argued over a girl. The jilted male pulled a pistol and shot the rival suitor in the butt to regain his "honor."

A crazy guy kicked out of a mental health facility for being violent tried to come back. However he got the wrong house. He went to the psych hospital.

A drunk and crazy man drove a tractor into a strip center and raised the bucket. People thought he was going to drive it into the store. He took off his shirt and waved it around offering a beer. When officers arrived they had to taze him. He was then arrested.

A man called to report his buddy was stabbed and laying in a field on the side of the road. I wish I could have gotten that whole story.

I made two arrests for the same thing. Drive while license suspended, the easiest charge to file. The second was a woman from Austin. She was 39, and living the bohemian lifestyle. She'd been living here and Austin. I guess that's why she failed to take care of that warrant as well.