Saturday, December 31, 2011

A woman answered her door to be attacked by two males who then robbed her in her own home.

The fireworks calls are already dropping. I don't know why people bother. It's New Years so there will be a lot of tiny explosions.

To ring in the new year a woman arguing with her husband shoots him in the leg then calls 911.

A thick fog rolled in tonight. I can't see about 100 feet ahead and we get sent to a possible burglary in progress. Turns out the alarm was triggered by a power outage.

An officer taking two people to jail got into a minor crash.

A "routine" (as ignorant media calls it) led to a fight and a foot chase. The officer was struck in the face. After awhile the turd was finally caught. He will spend new years in jail.

I got NYE DWI early. He was going to a bar from a bar. He blew twice the legal limit.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A security guard calls saying he is chasing a group of armed men yet he has no idea what company he works for. I found that strange. What's stranger is the officer cleared the call information.

Two times tonight someone turns in front of me thus cutting me off. People, if you must cut someone off don't cut off a police car.

A group of hoodlums refused to pay for items at a convenience store/smoke shop. Not a good idea to refuse to pay when you're holding marijuana.

A drunk hit a patrol unit and tried to flee but didn't make it far. I wonder what he thought banging his head on the way to jail would accomplish.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas like I did.

As I'm coming in a woman calls complaining about fireworks being set off by neighborhood kids. She told the dispatcher we better stop them or she will kill them. Crazy suburbanite bi***!

A man walking down down the road decides to take a leak in view of everyone. Too bad for him he has warrants in this county and the adjacent one.

A man comes home from Christmas to find it had been burglarized. Sadly this scenario will play out dozens more tonight.

A man assaults his girlfriend and takes her car. While we were working on the warrant he comes back in the car and thumps on her again. After doing 100 on the interstate we look everywhere and can't find him. I'm sure that little bastard is holed up there somewhere. I black out and sit around the corner. A while later I see the car creeping down the street with no lights on.y heart starts pumping, my pulse races. I'm thinking I got him. I stop the car and see the "victim" leaving. Damn! Get my hopes up!

The rest of the night was dead. I had to fight the urge to nod off in the car.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just two hours before Christmas and one fool is going to jail for family assault.

I guess the alarm company called otherwise why would anyone be at their hair salon at this hour to call in a burglary of a business.

I spot a guy hanging out by a business. I thought he was wearing a mask but come to find out it was a scraggly beard. He was seeking shelter from the rain. At this hour there aren't many options. So I take him to a nearby IHOP after he tells me he has money to eat. This bothered me. How would I feel to be alone, cold, and wet on Christmas?

A lot of discharge of firearms calls.

A drunk hit several cars on his way home. He didn't make it. He will spend Christmas in jail.

I had to do a double take to make sure that vehicle was going the wrong way on a cold, wet road giving a coronary to the car he passed. He wasn't drunk, just on the phone.

An officer was inside a store when a pot head came in smelling like marijuana. Guess where he is spending Christmas?

A lot of drunks crashing and fleeing.

A deputy wrecked his car. No injuries thank goodness.

A woman in hospice care died. Poor girl she wasn't even 40.

Just found out the fool on the motorcycle who fled last night was the same guy I cited two weeks ago. I'll be damned!

It must have been unsettling when that young mother woke up with police (me) in her apartment with her juvenile son and his two buddies who snuck out to go to McDonalds not realizing it was closed.

As I drove home I heard a female officer advise her prisoner was banging his head against the cage. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The night started off with a robbery of a Popeye's Chicken. Seriously? Robbing a chicken place on Christmas Eve. How sad.

A woman woke up to find her husband on the floor not breathing. Hell of a way to spend Christmas.

An officer stops a vehicle and is immediately suspicious when she sees blood splattered all over the vehicle. Come to find out the vehicle was involved in a fight nearby and the driver ran over someone and took off after his brother got a nice gash on his head. Sad thing is nobody would fully cooperate with us so the guy doesn't go to jail. Even the guy that got ran over wouldn't say much.

A motorcyclist decides to try to flee from an officer. He turns into a business complex (where I work an extra job once a week) and manages to crash his motorcycle. I hope he spends Christmas in jail.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A woman returned home to find her husband murdered and kids tied up. The story made the news. I know that neighborhood. There was an auto theft ring up there a few years ago.

A woman crashed into a fence trying to avoid a squirrel. I'm sure the squirrel appreciates the insurance hike. Then a friend brings her drunk husband to pick her up. Um no.

I fussed at a kid for crossing the street where and when he shouldn't have causing cars to brake for him.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An ex boyfriend stalked his ex girlfriend to the point he slashed her tires. He left then came back and was caught by officers. He fled but didn't get far.

When you do a favor for someone make sure you're not wanted. It's embarrassing to go to jail for warrants while picking up someone from work.

A man was drinking with his buddy and handling. It looks like he was playing with the gun when it went off and drilled a hole in his head. He was life flighted but died.

A youth just had to answer that text and took out a street sign and a pole. I wonder how they feel about driving and texting now.

A young woman dressed up nice to attend a wedding. She ended up on the other end of town passed out in her car from a mix of alcohol and medication. She went limp making us drag her butt to the patrol car.

A former officer allegedly punched his wife (a former prosecutor now defense attorney). I met the guy once a few years ago. This a shame but innocent until proven guilty.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A woman went to the bar intending to enjoy herself, however her temper fueled by liquor got her arrested.

Two adults and two juveniles were drinking and smoking marijuana while cruising the streets until they got pulled over. The marijuana residue on one guy's pants gave it away.

As I'm leaving that scene I hear a grinding noise coming my way. I see a car driving on the rim shooting sparks. I thought for sure I had a drunk driver. Imagine my disappointment when he passed the sobriety tests.

A man arrested for DWI decided to try to kick out the window of the patrol car while on the interstate going to jail. He didn't succeed.

A woman called 911 saying her ex boyfriend was breaking into her house and she was in fear for her life. So officers run lights and siren to find out she wasn't even there. She earned herself a false report charge. I'm amazed the DA's office took that charge.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A 19 year old girl will have a story to tell all her friends about the time she was driving drunk and hit a police car. Fortunately the officer is ok.

I was checking by with a unit at a Hispanic club. As I passed an IHOP I heard an off duty officer have a drunk in custody and trying to fend off his friends. I was the first one there and the crowd was already gone. I heard other officers coming in lights and siren. I knew it was under control by the officer's tone.

After that I reached the club. A drunk got caught with a bag of cocaine. Now this is Latino place. Over half the clientele are illegal aliens. As I'm watching the officer's back an old, long-haired black man comes walking out. He gives me a cold stare all the way across the parking lot until he disappears into an apartment complex across the street. I ask a bouncer who says he occasionally comes and hangs near the restrooms (where the cocaine is sold). I'll bet you $100 that guy deals in the club.

An off duty deputy from the adjoining county called in on a drunk driver. By the time we get there both of them are gone. They must have left for more drinks together.

We then get an overdose call. We get there and I'm disgusted by the house. There is absolutely no carpet nor flooring aside from the foundation concrete. The guy was on a mattress with a huge hole in it. The furniture was old and dusty. Nobody in that house cleans. He had old Butthole Surfer concert posters from the late 80s/early 90s. There were also other alternative music flyers. Music I listened to back in the day. Yet I have my life in order and this alcoholic has health problems. He denied taking anything.

A recently unemployed woman turns to prostituting on a seedy side of town. She gets picked up by a man with a suspended license that gets caught speeding. With his suspended license and her warrant their "date" ends badly.

A man met another man in a park over a debt. I guess he couldn't pay it because he was stabbed several times. He survived.

A drunk drives the wrong way past an officer. Thankfully he gets stopped before he hit anyone. This was his 4th DWI arrest.