Saturday, February 5, 2011

This incident is terrible because;

1-This isn't an innocent kid. He's a burglar. He steals from the taxpayers that will eventually have to pay him for his "pain and suffering." One little thug was heard in a store saying "man I wish da police would beat my ass I need to get paid!"

2-Make the job harder on the rest of us. Smart asses will use this as a reference when dealing with us.

3-Give race baiting "ministers" and news outlets more ammunition.

4-Because of overactive adrenaline rushes and overactive desires for justice some people who actually contributed to society forfeited their livelihoods (and possibly their freedom) over a worthless burglar.
For here the weather has been extremely cold. For anyone that lives north of Texas this is a summer breeze. Last night many roads were shut down due to ice. From about 3am to 7am one freeway alone reported about 100 accidents. I can only imagine those units rushing to one scene, gathering the information and clearing the road then rushing to the next scene to do it all over again. I figured it would get bad so when I stopped a guy and saw the two year old speeding warrant I felt it wasn't worth making the trip downtown in this mess for an old traffic warrant so I let him go.

Somehow a man wound up in his pool and drowned. Be interesting to find out why the hell he was out by his pool that time of night.

Despite the cold weather we tend to find more drunk drivers. I guess drunks think the extreme cold is the best time to drive. The other night a speeding drunk caused a major crash with about 5 cars sending nearly a dozen people to the hospital. At first he was defiant and refused to talk. However later at the hospital when we got a search warrant for his blood the gravity of the situation hit him. I made sure to point out how many people he sent to the hospital. That seemed to have the most effect on his attitude.

Tonight a drunk driver ran his car up into someone's yard and dug a rut trying to drive off. He failed and went to jail.

About a year ago I heard of a guy who was living with an elderly lady. People kept telling me that he was taking advantage of her and stealing her money. One night we made a call and I met the guy for myself. My gut feeling was this guy was a manipulator. I didn't believe for a second that he actually had any concern for the lady aside from her bank account. However we couldn't do anything about it aside from respond to the many disturbances involving him and people who genuinely were concerned for the elderly lady. I heard many officers wish they could put him in jail. Won't they be green with envy when they found out he screwed up. He tried to manipulate a mentally disabled woman into getting a cell phone account on her name. An officer investigated but couldn't find enough evidence for a charge. Unfortunately the guy got the officer's cell phone number and began harassing her with text messages and phone calls. So I filed harassment charges on him and hopefully tomorrow I get to hunt for his butt!