Saturday, December 31, 2011

A woman answered her door to be attacked by two males who then robbed her in her own home.

The fireworks calls are already dropping. I don't know why people bother. It's New Years so there will be a lot of tiny explosions.

To ring in the new year a woman arguing with her husband shoots him in the leg then calls 911.

A thick fog rolled in tonight. I can't see about 100 feet ahead and we get sent to a possible burglary in progress. Turns out the alarm was triggered by a power outage.

An officer taking two people to jail got into a minor crash.

A "routine" (as ignorant media calls it) led to a fight and a foot chase. The officer was struck in the face. After awhile the turd was finally caught. He will spend new years in jail.

I got NYE DWI early. He was going to a bar from a bar. He blew twice the legal limit.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A security guard calls saying he is chasing a group of armed men yet he has no idea what company he works for. I found that strange. What's stranger is the officer cleared the call information.

Two times tonight someone turns in front of me thus cutting me off. People, if you must cut someone off don't cut off a police car.

A group of hoodlums refused to pay for items at a convenience store/smoke shop. Not a good idea to refuse to pay when you're holding marijuana.

A drunk hit a patrol unit and tried to flee but didn't make it far. I wonder what he thought banging his head on the way to jail would accomplish.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas like I did.

As I'm coming in a woman calls complaining about fireworks being set off by neighborhood kids. She told the dispatcher we better stop them or she will kill them. Crazy suburbanite bi***!

A man walking down down the road decides to take a leak in view of everyone. Too bad for him he has warrants in this county and the adjacent one.

A man comes home from Christmas to find it had been burglarized. Sadly this scenario will play out dozens more tonight.

A man assaults his girlfriend and takes her car. While we were working on the warrant he comes back in the car and thumps on her again. After doing 100 on the interstate we look everywhere and can't find him. I'm sure that little bastard is holed up there somewhere. I black out and sit around the corner. A while later I see the car creeping down the street with no lights on.y heart starts pumping, my pulse races. I'm thinking I got him. I stop the car and see the "victim" leaving. Damn! Get my hopes up!

The rest of the night was dead. I had to fight the urge to nod off in the car.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just two hours before Christmas and one fool is going to jail for family assault.

I guess the alarm company called otherwise why would anyone be at their hair salon at this hour to call in a burglary of a business.

I spot a guy hanging out by a business. I thought he was wearing a mask but come to find out it was a scraggly beard. He was seeking shelter from the rain. At this hour there aren't many options. So I take him to a nearby IHOP after he tells me he has money to eat. This bothered me. How would I feel to be alone, cold, and wet on Christmas?

A lot of discharge of firearms calls.

A drunk hit several cars on his way home. He didn't make it. He will spend Christmas in jail.

I had to do a double take to make sure that vehicle was going the wrong way on a cold, wet road giving a coronary to the car he passed. He wasn't drunk, just on the phone.

An officer was inside a store when a pot head came in smelling like marijuana. Guess where he is spending Christmas?

A lot of drunks crashing and fleeing.

A deputy wrecked his car. No injuries thank goodness.

A woman in hospice care died. Poor girl she wasn't even 40.

Just found out the fool on the motorcycle who fled last night was the same guy I cited two weeks ago. I'll be damned!

It must have been unsettling when that young mother woke up with police (me) in her apartment with her juvenile son and his two buddies who snuck out to go to McDonalds not realizing it was closed.

As I drove home I heard a female officer advise her prisoner was banging his head against the cage. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The night started off with a robbery of a Popeye's Chicken. Seriously? Robbing a chicken place on Christmas Eve. How sad.

A woman woke up to find her husband on the floor not breathing. Hell of a way to spend Christmas.

An officer stops a vehicle and is immediately suspicious when she sees blood splattered all over the vehicle. Come to find out the vehicle was involved in a fight nearby and the driver ran over someone and took off after his brother got a nice gash on his head. Sad thing is nobody would fully cooperate with us so the guy doesn't go to jail. Even the guy that got ran over wouldn't say much.

A motorcyclist decides to try to flee from an officer. He turns into a business complex (where I work an extra job once a week) and manages to crash his motorcycle. I hope he spends Christmas in jail.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A woman returned home to find her husband murdered and kids tied up. The story made the news. I know that neighborhood. There was an auto theft ring up there a few years ago.

A woman crashed into a fence trying to avoid a squirrel. I'm sure the squirrel appreciates the insurance hike. Then a friend brings her drunk husband to pick her up. Um no.

I fussed at a kid for crossing the street where and when he shouldn't have causing cars to brake for him.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An ex boyfriend stalked his ex girlfriend to the point he slashed her tires. He left then came back and was caught by officers. He fled but didn't get far.

When you do a favor for someone make sure you're not wanted. It's embarrassing to go to jail for warrants while picking up someone from work.

A man was drinking with his buddy and handling. It looks like he was playing with the gun when it went off and drilled a hole in his head. He was life flighted but died.

A youth just had to answer that text and took out a street sign and a pole. I wonder how they feel about driving and texting now.

A young woman dressed up nice to attend a wedding. She ended up on the other end of town passed out in her car from a mix of alcohol and medication. She went limp making us drag her butt to the patrol car.

A former officer allegedly punched his wife (a former prosecutor now defense attorney). I met the guy once a few years ago. This a shame but innocent until proven guilty.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A woman went to the bar intending to enjoy herself, however her temper fueled by liquor got her arrested.

Two adults and two juveniles were drinking and smoking marijuana while cruising the streets until they got pulled over. The marijuana residue on one guy's pants gave it away.

As I'm leaving that scene I hear a grinding noise coming my way. I see a car driving on the rim shooting sparks. I thought for sure I had a drunk driver. Imagine my disappointment when he passed the sobriety tests.

A man arrested for DWI decided to try to kick out the window of the patrol car while on the interstate going to jail. He didn't succeed.

A woman called 911 saying her ex boyfriend was breaking into her house and she was in fear for her life. So officers run lights and siren to find out she wasn't even there. She earned herself a false report charge. I'm amazed the DA's office took that charge.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A 19 year old girl will have a story to tell all her friends about the time she was driving drunk and hit a police car. Fortunately the officer is ok.

I was checking by with a unit at a Hispanic club. As I passed an IHOP I heard an off duty officer have a drunk in custody and trying to fend off his friends. I was the first one there and the crowd was already gone. I heard other officers coming in lights and siren. I knew it was under control by the officer's tone.

After that I reached the club. A drunk got caught with a bag of cocaine. Now this is Latino place. Over half the clientele are illegal aliens. As I'm watching the officer's back an old, long-haired black man comes walking out. He gives me a cold stare all the way across the parking lot until he disappears into an apartment complex across the street. I ask a bouncer who says he occasionally comes and hangs near the restrooms (where the cocaine is sold). I'll bet you $100 that guy deals in the club.

An off duty deputy from the adjoining county called in on a drunk driver. By the time we get there both of them are gone. They must have left for more drinks together.

We then get an overdose call. We get there and I'm disgusted by the house. There is absolutely no carpet nor flooring aside from the foundation concrete. The guy was on a mattress with a huge hole in it. The furniture was old and dusty. Nobody in that house cleans. He had old Butthole Surfer concert posters from the late 80s/early 90s. There were also other alternative music flyers. Music I listened to back in the day. Yet I have my life in order and this alcoholic has health problems. He denied taking anything.

A recently unemployed woman turns to prostituting on a seedy side of town. She gets picked up by a man with a suspended license that gets caught speeding. With his suspended license and her warrant their "date" ends badly.

A man met another man in a park over a debt. I guess he couldn't pay it because he was stabbed several times. He survived.

A drunk drives the wrong way past an officer. Thankfully he gets stopped before he hit anyone. This was his 4th DWI arrest.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dispatch broadcasted an unknown vehicle with heavy front end damage and human matter in the grill. They had to shut down a major freeway due to a fatal crash.

A man follows a drunk driver and calls police. An officer catches up to them and stops the drunk. The caller decides after giving his information and statement that he doesn't want to cooperate or get involved. However the officers panic and call the DA's office who panics in turn not wanting to take the case. After some teeth pulling and irritation by the sergeant the two time drunk goes to jail. I guess neither the officer nor the assistant DA realize that people can be compelled to come to court and compelled to testify.

An officer spots smoke coming from an apartment complex. I go down there expecting the complex in flames. Turns out just a dumpster fire. Big whoop!

After leaving that I find a vehicle sitting in the street with the door open and no lights on. Being between two apartment complexes known for drug dealing I turn around and approach and car (gun at my hip) only to find a stranded photographer and his drunk friend. He was hauling a** and hit either the curb or a pothole and bent two rims. Again, big whoop!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A man caught trying to break into homes lead officers on a chase. He ran to a nearby apartment complex where he tried hiding into a vacant apartment. A K9 bit the hell out of the felon. Good dog!!!!

A woman got stopped on traffic and arrested for traffic warrants. While enroute to the jail she slipped her cuffed hands and flashed her breasts. That officer has another war story.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nail Biting....

Precinct 6

Precinct 7

Harris County constables have to be biting their nails. I mean the actual constables, not the people that work in those offices. The majority of those deputies/civilians are hard workers and do so without the civil service protection that sheriffs and Houston police enjoy. However both of those agencies have had their share of bad press as of late yet for some reason constables are treated in the media as the red headed step children (and by other agencies as well). When the county had to slash its budget the only law enforcement cuts were the constables offices that laid off many good people while giving the sheriff's department more money yet the sheriff's office continues to have deputies busted for misconduct. If you look at Channel 13's interactive page (which I have to admit Dolcefino despite his criminal and shady past did a good job) there are 8 badge icons. So far 3 are open leaving 5 more. There are 8 constables offices. Who is next?

My Thoughts on Corrie Long

I read this story with great interest. Now granted I don't have all the facts. However I feel the man who had the racy pictures of her deeply violated her trust. Police officers are human with human failings. They are susceptible to all the joys and pains of life including love. In this case two fellow officers shared a romance that ended badly. In spite the man sent private pictures for him to his chief (which maybe a violation of PC 21.15) who allegedly had them laid out on his desk to embarrass Ms. Long. Her "crime" is she took semi nude pictures of herself. Now while most people won't admit it a large number of the population have at one time or another sent or taken nude pictures of themselves. In many cases it has come back to haunt them (ask Anthony Wiener). I surely hope that's not why this chief got rid of her because I'm sure he has plenty of skeletons in his closet (as most old time cops have). What she does off duty should stay off duty and should never have come into the department. In my opinion she should have told the chief "all due respect that is a private matter and I refuse to discuss it unless you serve me with a signed complaint." I also think she should have made them fire her rather than be bullied into resigning. I'll be paying attention to this suit to see how it pans out. In response the chief is counter suing.

Monday, October 31, 2011

While helping change a flat tire a drunk strikes an officer with his car. Fortunately the officer heard him coming and was able to turn his body deflecting the blow somewhat. At least the drunk was kind enough to get out and check on the officer after striking the disabled vehicle. The officer is at home resting up. He'll be back thankfully.

Anyone watching the news the are has been having a lot of hit and run accidents as of late. The usual culprits are drunk and/or illegal aliens.

The past two weeks have been slow. Before that I was rather busy. Mostly drunk drivers and two drunks trying to stumble home. Sadly the drunker of the pair stumbled into the street in front of my patrol car. A surefire way to attract attention.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A young woman rolled her car over ejecting her. She died.

A man and woman get in a fight. The witness followed them as he hit her. When officers arrive the woman lies about the assault. The man gives a fake name and goes to jail.

A man comes out and catches a "man" breaking into his car. The "man" flees but it stooped a few minutes later. Turns out it's really a woman who was identified and arrested

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mother of the year. A drunk woman crashes her car into a house. When officers arrive she tells them she was on her way home from the bar. Then they as about the baby in her car. Her response was "there is a baby?"
The woman had her child with her. Last I heard someone told her to play suicidal and a doctor is trying to keep her out of jail by keeping her in the hospital.

A young man is found masturbating in his car next to a motel used by prostitutes. I can find many better things to do then get drunk, park where I can see prostitutes, and crank one off.

A woman is found asleep at a green light. When an officer wakes her up she tells the officer "f*** you" and drives off. She ended up in jail.

We get called by CPS to meet them. They are investigation child abuse allegations. His step father is a known meth user and hostile towards officers. I couldn't wait to meet him. I was hoping he would slip up and earn a free ride downtown. However he knew the game and taunted us just below the level of probable cause. Oh well we shall try again.

I love it when drunk drivers make it easy for me. He swerves, stumbles, and blows double the legal limit. Easy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An officer was coming back from the jail when he spots a vehicle speeding and cutting off other traffic. This is the kind of fool we dream of stopping and locking up. Unfortunately the officer didn't realize this was a stolen vehicle. When it fled it was on. Amazingly all three occupants were caught.

A teenager was out after hours and trying to make a "sex for beer" type of meal. That didn't work so a security guard gets involved and the guy flees. He gets spotted and the chase is on. they got him running through a bayou.

A man got shot at a pool hall. Sadly I don't have anymore details.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I hate family disturbances. We go to a house as a husband and wife are fighting. Their oldest son is standing in the hallway watching this and crying. He wants to be tough but these are his parents and he just can't handle it. The husband says they are both cheating on each other with other people. Think about your kids.

After that I'm heading down the road, minding my business when I see a truck all over the road. When they see me they slow down to about 20 MPH and act sober by going up a curb. He gets arrested for DWI and his partner for possession of cocaine.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A minivan blatantly runs a red light in front of me. When I stop him he tells me he is a doctor and was paged by his hospital. I looked into it and learn it's more of an outpatient clinic so it's not imperative he get there ASAP. The last guy that used this excuse I proved was lying to me and got several citations. I really didn't feel like writing a citation so I warned him and cut him loose.

For whatever reason a guy ran down three people in his vehicle. I want to say they know who he is and got him but I didn't get the latest update.

In another side of town and husband and wife get into a fight. He hits her, she stabs him. Turn about is fair play isn't it?

A neighbor calls in after finding a young child wandering the street. Mommy and daddy are sleeping off their highs. They are arrested and charged.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In almost a textbook call officers go to a house. Nobody has heard from the elderly relative. They smell that all too familiar odor of death and break into the house. The man is found dead in his bedroom.

The labor day weekend is off to a start. I was on the freeway and spotted a car that would drift to one side of the road then jerk back into the lane. After about the 4th time of watching this I stop him, test him, and arrest him. Since it's "no refusal" weekend he blew a 0.15.

Another guy tried to keep going with the officer behind him and wound up tossing about 2 pounds of marijuana out the window. Nice try!

Criminals are still emboldened to take on the police. Maybe partly because they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Maybe partly because thanks to (what I say) is a concerted effort to give crooks and their activist mouthpieces power over the police. One officer was shot trying to stop a car. Another officer's car was rammed by a crook after his buddy was arrested. Another officer was hit my a fleeing car after being confronted. On top of that there are burglars out there specifically targeting police officers' cars and homes looking for weapons and equipment. Sometimes it's hard to fight someone who doesn't have to play by the rules when we do.

A drunk, illegal alien drove into a house while the residents were sleeping. Fortunately no one was hurt. The illegal fled but someone got his plate where we found him at home trying to feign sleep. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was his attitude but he seemed not to be overly concerned with what he did. He tried telling his wife that someone hit him.

I had just left diner when the radio blared to life with a pursuit. He abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot. Within 20 minutes we found him hiding. Drunk, 17 years old at one of our beloved cantinas (this was roughly 5am) and with an attitude as well. And people wonder why nobody likes cantinas.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A woman fell asleep on her couch. She wakes up to find her house had burglarized. Hmmm.

I see a guy on a bicycle in the darkness. I stop him and off the bat he is stand offish. I spot his f*** the world tattoo on his hands. A kid with a chip on his shoulder. My little chat with him did no good. He's gonna get arrested again I feel it.

A man gets drunk and grabs a knife and threatens his family. When he gets arrested he asks not to "do this to him!".

Monday, August 15, 2011

There is a violent group of carjackers running around. They operate on the west side mainly. We thought we had them one night when they took an Iphone in a vehicle that was left on. The victim got on his home computer and tracked his phone until an officer spotted a vehicle coming out of a restaurant and gave chase. The vehicle pulled into a parking lot and four teenagers spill out running. Three of the four were caught, the oldest one was 16 years old!

The next day another group of carjackers tried to rob a woman of her car however it wouldn't start. So they run around the corner and rob another woman of her car. The next night that car is used in a drive by shooting.

An officer stops a guy for a traffic violation who is found to have an open felony warrant. The felon knows his only chance is to fight. So he waits for the officer to try to arrest him then attacks. The felon almost gets the upper hand but help arrives just in time. The officer is out injured for a couple of weeks.

An officer responds to a family disturbance. The 20 something son who is high on something attacks the officer. The father tries to intervene buts get a bloody nose for his efforts. The "kid" is finally brought under control.

A wrecker driver decided to run from an officer. Problem for him is the wrecker tows from many police scenes so they already know who he is. The wrecker abandons his truck and gets away. In a demonstration of his lack of sense he calls the station a couple of hours later to report his truck stolen. He is told to come to the station to file a report. Guess what he does! Yep! He comes to the station and is surprised he is arrested.

My partner and I are eating dinner when several officers from an agency with concurrent jurisdiction show up to eat. We say hello and get a gruff reply. If I remember correctly these are the guys that dumped a call on me by pretending they didn't know about it. So after I handled their call (and arrested their suspect) I had a chat with their sergeant who had a chat with them. I hear their radio drop a "hot call." Only one officer gets up and responds, the rest remain eating! My partner and I look at each other in amazement! Surely these guys back up...well guess not! Yet these guys think they are the elite.

Same agency stops a guy on traffic and let him go. Not but a few minutes later, this intoxicated, 20 year old illegal immigrant in a vehicle with grinding brakes (but expensive rims and stereo system) goes on to drive the wrong way and almost hits another officer head on. So once again we clean up elite police departments laziness!

While exiting the freeway I see two cars lined up, engines revving! These two are about to race. I stop and watch thinking surely they will see me and simply drive off very slowly. Nope! They gun it and speed off. I pull both of them over and arrest them for racing. Both of them have been arrested for racing before, they just can't seem to get the hint!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The woman's story just didn't add up. She says she was arguing with her husband in the kitchen. He walked up to her and pressed himself against her and the knife she was holding inadvertently went into his chest. What do you think?

A brazen group of bad guys are running around. They broke into a marked police car stealing the rifle inside then used it to rob someone a couple of hours later.

A group of vagrants pool their money to buy dope. Sadly to their dismay the dopeman never shows up so two of the vagrants take the money and the other vagrant gets upset and actually calls 911 demanding a theft report. When I show up the vagrants are arguing over under $5. One of the vagrants I recognize. He used to hang out down in the south side. We arrested him for being drunk in the streets many times. I asked him what the hell was he doing up this side of town. He replied he was tired of me arresting him down there. "You keep f****** around with these people I'll arrest you on this side of town as well!"

While detained in the back seat of a patrol car a drug dealer is on his phone with his buddy. The in-car camera picks up the lively conversation that goes like this:
"Oh she won't find it dawg!" Then when she does find the stash of marijuana under the driver's seat, "aw man she found it! I'm so f*****!"

A man sporting Crip tattoos gets stopped on traffic and gives a fake name. He's rehearsed this story because last time he was detained he got away with it. However this officer was much more prudent and thorough and held onto him for an hour before finally finding out who he was and his two felony warrants.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sometimes officers ought not to be in such a hurry to get to the call to miss something along the way. We were responding to a car burglary in progress. I was so focused on getting to the location that I completely missed the burglar inside another car about four houses down from the target house. I arrive and look for the unit that was behind me only to see him a block away. I'm standing in the street wondering what is he doing down there. Then he gets on the radio saying he has a suspect on the ground! Oh hell! I run down the block to find him on top of a teenager. He's taken into custody and we find stolen property. I can't believe I drove right past him! I'm kicking myself (mentally) and turn my head and spot his partner hiding in some bushes. So I snatch her up and arrest her. Redemption!

I come in off my weekend and learn the next three weekends are stepped up DWI enforcement. We're told to be attentive. That first night I managed to catch an illegal alien driving on the wrong side of the road drunk.

An officer is sitting in the parking lot of a cantina. He spots a man stumbling drunk through the parking lot almost getting hit by a car. The officer goes to stop the man (another illegal alien) who turns and attacks the officer. Fortunately the officer wasn't hurt and the man is subdued and arrested.

911 gets a disturbing call. A woman dumps her boyfriend over the phone. Not able to handle it he shoots himself where she can hear it. Now she will have to live with that memory for the rest of her life.

For the past year we've had a bulletin about being on the look out for a serial arsonist. Apparently he got caught starting another fire and chased by officers. He ran onto a highway overpass and looked back then jumped off plunging himself to his death.

We were all watching the news when Liberty County sheriff's deputies received a tip from a psychic saying there were numerous dismembered bodies buried on a rural property. After finally obtaining a search warrant (though I wonder how a tip from a psychic would convince a judge to sign off on a warrant) they found nothing resembling Rob Zombie's house of 1000 corpses. On camera they say they had to investigate, in private I'm sure they are fuming about the public embarrassment.

In the span of a week I made two crashed where a car lost control and went into a residence. Fortunately nobody was hurt and amazingly neither driver was drunk.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A car is spotted racing up a neighborhood street running stop signs. An officer tries to stop the car yet it does not stop. The car looses control and drives into a yard then into the back of a wrecker truck. The driver is a teenage brat with marijuana.

A woman calls 911 reporting a home invasion. When all is said and done turned out to be another teenage brat sneaking in to see his girlfriend.

A drunk gets a flat tire and tries to change it while still drinking his beer. He didn't seem to care when he got arrested.

We all shuddered at the news of the fellow officer who was killed this morning. He was working a fatal accident when a drunk driver got through the barricade and struck and killed the officer. Rest in peace brother.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Some calls are just too good not to document. This one will fall in the category of funny stuff most people will never know. A call goes out that a male was roped and gagged and forced into a car. The caller trails the vehicle as officers race to catch up. Officers finally find the vehicle in a parking lot and swarm on it commando style. Sure enough there is an intoxicated male bound and gagged in the car. However he was drunk and refusing to leave the bar so his family came and got him. Since the drunk refused to listen to his loving family they jumped him and tied up. I love it! I forgot to ask if they left the drunk tied up or made the family untie him before they let everyone go.
I saw a woman sitting by herself in a funeral home parking lot around midnight. Okay kinda erie. I pull into the lot to check on her and she stumbles up and complains about her loser, convict boyfriend in heavily slurred speech. I felt a little sorry for her so I tried calling someone to come get her. Even though she was getting sarcastic and condescending. If you're drunk and the nice police officer tells you that you should clear your head and realize the officer controls your destiny you should tone the attitude. Long story short I try to find someone to get her but I got hung up on. So sad I arrest her for public intoxication.

Then I leave there and a possible kidnapping call goes out. I'm the closest unit so I hurry up. As I arrive I see the suspect vehicle getting on the freeway. I rush and catch up to the car. After a classic felony stop we learn it's two drunks fighting about who is more sober to drive. He is also found with a prohibited weapon and hydrocodone so he gets arrested and she goes to the drunk tank for the night.

It's quiet for the next few hours. I'm eating dinner and tolerating the manager's/cook's teasing then she tells me about a guy who walked out on his tab last week. I mail him a citation for theft of service.

It's the end of the night and I'm on my way home when I find a guy passed out in a car. I stop in my personal car and ask for a unit to check by. It's shift change so I hear crickets. Finally someone answers up and arrives. The drunk tells me he is an airborne ranger about to go back over seas. Despite my immense respect for military personnel I'm not satisfied he gave me his correct name. I run him and nothing matches. I say "f*** it" and arrest him for public intoxication. Sure enough I find his license and sure enough he gave me a fake name. I'm guessing he lied about being active military.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I was bored last night. I drove through business strips, onto roof top garages, into apartment complexes and nothing! This is a slow cycle. Sooner or later things well get hopping again.


A man retaliated against another man by beating him up and bashing his car. He was found by officers hiding in an apartment complex and took off running. He didn't make it far before he was caught.

A teenage gang banger on probation snuck out of the house and came back a few hours later. His parents were upset so they knocked the hell out of him of a little. He calls claiming abuse. The DA wasn't going to touch that one.

I was rather surprised to be going down the street and come face to face with a confused woman going the wrong way. Amazingly enough she wasn't drunk, just easily confused.

A woman taunts medics and police from inside her house. She dares them to come get without a warrant then starts slicing her wrists in view of the emergency workers. Needless to say they kick in the door and drag her to the hospital.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

History does repeat itself. A young man held officers at bay by barricading himself with a club in his room. After an hour of talking he surrendered. It was later learned that about a month earlier he did the same thing and had to be removed by the SWAT team. I fear it's a matter of time before he does the same thing again and eventually he, or someone else will get hurt or killed.

A disturbance outside a household gets police called. Apparently someone shoots off a gun and a fight ensues. It's all over dope so there is nobody to feel sorry for in this. One of the parties goes to the hospital where his boys show up to support him. Sadly they are carrying the dope when they are caught.

A man sits at a green light as an officer is on his way to lunch. The man admits to drinking 8 beers. That's pretty honest of him usually they only say 2.

A woman gets into a fight with her husband at a local motel room. She calls police and is waiting nearly an hour when an officer from another agency shows up to the restaurant next to the hotel having no idea. She approaches him as officers from the agency she called arrive to go eat in the restaurant leaving the other agency's officer to deal with their call. I have no respect for officers who pull that.

Hate Stories Like This

I had just gotten home when the annoying news beep goes off on my phone. I read the sickening message "off duty officer killed." I open the alert and all it says was an off duty officer killed. A few hours later and more details are released and we find out an off duty Pct.4 Deputy Constable was lured by a woman. That's all they are releasing now. Until then there is some comfort in the fact they have the pair. Rest in peace Deputy!

Friday, March 18, 2011

People should really be careful what they send out via text message. A young man got into an argument with his wife who grabbed the kids and left for Dallas. He sent out text messages implying he was going to take a lot of pills and end it. Officers show up and cannot get him to answer the door. Fearing he is dying inside the house they force their way in and find him asleep. They were also told he had weapons so naturally they handcuffed him for safety. He was upset and said he sent those messages trying to elicit sympathy and get his wife to return. He didn't think she would call us.

A fight breaks out at a late night restaurant between two groups of customers. A drunk hit a woman knocking her out. Then as her crowd rushes to her aid he pulls out a gun and fires shots, alerting the officer across the street. The man tried to get away and got rid of the gun (he was a convicted felon) but was caught and arrested.

There is a man going around robbing drug stores late at night. He hit two in the same night.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's been awhile since my last post. Well let's see....

Ran into an "old friend." He was found drinking boxed wine on a sidewalk in a neighborhood. I remember the last time we arrested him. He started off nice but once the handcuffs went on he got an attitude, screaming and kicking. He had to be restrained. I reminded him of this and to his credit he did apologize. Since his wife was literally around the corner we let her come get him. He says he knows he needs help. I hope he meant it and just wasn't blowing smoke up our butts.

With people being laid off to slash budgets it was a matter of time before it hit police officers. Most people would think that police and fire fighters would be the last to be laid off. However the reality is we are just as expendable as anyone else on a budget item sheet. Of course certain people are "protected" while others have to worry about their jobs because of someone else's decision. It's the way of the world.

A woman comes home from the rodeo. She is ambushed in her own driveway by two men who tie her up and force her to drive them to an ATM machine. They help her captive while they ransacked her home and fondled her. Thankfully they left her alive and fled. We're on the lookout for a particular vehicle now.

A man carjacked a woman with Lojack which lead officers to the car. After a brief chase they captured him.

Neighbors find a young child wandering the streets. They point officers to where the kid lives and find the father passed out on a couch. He was arrested and charged with child endangerment. I don't think I got the full story here.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This incident is terrible because;

1-This isn't an innocent kid. He's a burglar. He steals from the taxpayers that will eventually have to pay him for his "pain and suffering." One little thug was heard in a store saying "man I wish da police would beat my ass I need to get paid!"

2-Make the job harder on the rest of us. Smart asses will use this as a reference when dealing with us.

3-Give race baiting "ministers" and news outlets more ammunition.

4-Because of overactive adrenaline rushes and overactive desires for justice some people who actually contributed to society forfeited their livelihoods (and possibly their freedom) over a worthless burglar.
For here the weather has been extremely cold. For anyone that lives north of Texas this is a summer breeze. Last night many roads were shut down due to ice. From about 3am to 7am one freeway alone reported about 100 accidents. I can only imagine those units rushing to one scene, gathering the information and clearing the road then rushing to the next scene to do it all over again. I figured it would get bad so when I stopped a guy and saw the two year old speeding warrant I felt it wasn't worth making the trip downtown in this mess for an old traffic warrant so I let him go.

Somehow a man wound up in his pool and drowned. Be interesting to find out why the hell he was out by his pool that time of night.

Despite the cold weather we tend to find more drunk drivers. I guess drunks think the extreme cold is the best time to drive. The other night a speeding drunk caused a major crash with about 5 cars sending nearly a dozen people to the hospital. At first he was defiant and refused to talk. However later at the hospital when we got a search warrant for his blood the gravity of the situation hit him. I made sure to point out how many people he sent to the hospital. That seemed to have the most effect on his attitude.

Tonight a drunk driver ran his car up into someone's yard and dug a rut trying to drive off. He failed and went to jail.

About a year ago I heard of a guy who was living with an elderly lady. People kept telling me that he was taking advantage of her and stealing her money. One night we made a call and I met the guy for myself. My gut feeling was this guy was a manipulator. I didn't believe for a second that he actually had any concern for the lady aside from her bank account. However we couldn't do anything about it aside from respond to the many disturbances involving him and people who genuinely were concerned for the elderly lady. I heard many officers wish they could put him in jail. Won't they be green with envy when they found out he screwed up. He tried to manipulate a mentally disabled woman into getting a cell phone account on her name. An officer investigated but couldn't find enough evidence for a charge. Unfortunately the guy got the officer's cell phone number and began harassing her with text messages and phone calls. So I filed harassment charges on him and hopefully tomorrow I get to hunt for his butt!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two men get into a road rage incident. One man in a Ferrari was probably flying down the freeway and a car ahead of it changed lanes cutting him off. So they flip each other off and shout at each other (not that it does any good in a fast moving car with the windows up) all the way across town. Ferrari guy claims the other guy has a gun yet he follows him across town and confronts him at a gas station. He tells us that the guy walked across the lot with a gun. We track down the other party who gives his side of the story. The DA first wanted to take charges if we could prove their was a gun in the car which we couldn't. We had two varying statements and nothing more. The DA finally had a moment of clarity and declined any charges.

A car full of LP gang members pull up to an apartment complex looking for trouble. When the call goes out the first officer finds them and they freeze. They weren't expecting to get caught so they tossed their crack out of the window where we recovered it soon after. Two of them went to jail that night. During the interviews one of them claimed he couldn't find a job because of his felony background. The kicker is he gets social security payments because he was shot in the back! This should make everyone who pays taxes feel good. Your tax dollars support a young gangbanger who got injured from a bullet WHILE HE WAS GANGBANGING!