Thursday, December 30, 2010

When the man fled and tossed money out of the window. The officers chasing him took that as a sign they had the right guy! He was caught!

A bum was arrested at an auto store. He would approach customers in the parking lot and offer to change their batteries or other minor services for money. The customers thought he worked there. On the way to jail he told the arresting officer he knew it was a big conspiracy between the government and auto zone to prevent his revolutionary invention (that would make firearms obsolete) off the market!

Two local drug dealers are arrested at a motel. Too bad the guns found stashed in a hallway couldn't be placed to their hands. They turned out to be convicted felons.

Friday, December 24, 2010

University of Houston Police Officer Ann O'Donnell died this morning going to an assault in progress call. She lost control of her car and crashed into a tree. I really hate stories like these. One so young and brand new to law enforcement already gone. Rest in Peace Officer O'Donnell.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's that time of year and the new Air Jordans are out. Now I have no idea what the hell is so special about Jordans except the name. They are popular with the urban culture people. One year I had to go to a almost-near riot at a mall. The reason was people were lined up to get the new shoes and began acting foolish. We were swarmed with hostile people trying to keep order. I had one hand covering my gun. My biggest fear was one of them trying to take it from me. This year we get the same crap! Part of me says let them destroy property then maybe these retailers will find a safer way to sell these shoes.

A young man is spotted breaking into a home. When officers arrive he flees and is knocked to the ground by a citizen. The burglar fights with officers the whole time. Even on the way to jail he slips his handcuffs and starts kicking the window. The officer pulls over (on a major Check Spellinginterstate) and the fight resumes. Fortunately nobody is hurt and the burglar goes to jail where he belongs.

A man is found bleeding like a stuck pig on a darkened street. He claims he was robbed by some thugs wanting money for marijuana. He says he was attacked several miles from where he was found and "someone" drove him out there. Which means he is lying or there was someone spending some time at the car wash getting all the blood out of their passenger seat.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was reminded why it's probably good that I don't have kids. I was the third to arrive on a family disturbance. As I'm walking up to the house one of the officers is leading a teen aged boy out of the house by his arm. The boy, clearly agitated, is venting about how his cell phone didn't get a message about a party. So he comes downstairs yelling at his mother about why can't they BUY HIM a "decent" phone. Then he proceeds to kick furniture and throw things around. Then he says this "I have anger management issues and am on medication!" I stare a hole into him. What he needs is his little butt whooped! He wants his dad arrested because he grabbed him and pulled him away from his mom after calling her a "c*nt!" I know, stellar son right! I tell the kid essentially he isn't owed anything and his temper is going to get him in big trouble one day. I'm sure it went in one ear and out the other. That's time one day he will be 17 and we can take him to big boy jail and see how his anger management issues earn him friends there.

As if to continue the "boys behaving badly" streak a frantic woman calls saying her boyfriend was laying in their bedroom stabbed. I'm the second unit on the scene. I pull my weapon out since we have no idea if the stabber is still there. The first unit is knocking on the door and I hear a frantic woman shout "I'm coming!" Not fast enough, I'm getting ready to start kicking in the door when she finally opens. We rush inside and find her boyfriend in the back bedroom. A small, frightened dog is backed into the corner barking at us. We look over the boyfriend but he isn't stabbed, he's drunk and playing games. Too bad he wasn't outside when we arrived. What a jackass!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It was just me at the helm today. I finished what was left of the paperwork then hit the streets. I felt an urge to stay in a district mostly filled with affluent residents many of whom have mental problems and take medication. They make for some amusing drama. I drove around the district at least twice and the radio barely chirped. Then a call comes. Someone accusing their neighbor of smoking dope in the back yard. I get there and walk up to the fence and find three girls eating pizza. No pipes, residue, paraphernalia, nor smell of dope. I call the reportee and all he says is "I don't know." I get the sense he is a moron trying to get someone in trouble so I hang up on him and leave.

Then an accident goes out. I get there first to find a guy who is confused and has to be told to stay in one place and quit wandering. The other guy we learn tries to drive off. We end up arresting him for hit and run.

While we're dealing with that we get a call that a man with about 5 warrants from 3 different counties is at the hospital. Other units get there after he is left. Of course the hospital staff have their administrative rules and refuse to tell us where he lives. I need to find that nurse that works there who I took a drunk prisoner off her hands. I'm sure she would tell me where the guy lives.

Two guys decide to go down the freeway breaking into cars in parking lots along the way. Sadly for them they get caught and an officer sees them in a restaurant parking lot about to hit again. They get onto the freeway thinking they will get away. I'm waiting for them and get behind them and the officer following. We do a high risk stop right there on the busy freeway. Cars are speeding past as we take cover and point our guns at the occupants. We find stolen property in their car and arrest both.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A man just shot himself. Never did hear why.

A drunk stumbles across a busy street in front of security guards who call the cops. They show up and arrest the guy for public intoxication. The drunk guy slurs repeatedly "I'm not drunk! Let me go!"

An elderly woman lived alone with three dogs. About a day or two ago she suddenly died in her home and was later found by her neighbor. Her daughter and son-in-law showed up but didn't want the dogs. Animal control came out and got the dogs. Two went quietly but one, probably realizing what was going on, didn't cooperate and had to be dragged out of the house. I sure hope someone can adopt those dogs or else they will be put down and I'm sure the deceased woman wouldn't want that.

A crazy guy killed his mom by slitting her throat. He was later caught going down the road.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A man is stopped on traffic and caught with marijuana in the car. He angrily tells the officer "you can't arrest me for under 10 ounces of weed!" He says this while handcuffed in the backseat!

A drunk drove into a house and was able to back up and drive off. He abandoned the car in a nearby parking lot and ran home where he was picked up. He was only charged with hit and run due to the time lapse.