Monday, March 29, 2010

A man is pulled over on traffic. He first lies to the officers about his name. When that doesn't work he tries running. When that doesn't work he tries to fight. Come to find out has a federal warrant for drugs. The district attorney's office refused to take charges for fail to ID and evading/resisting arrest! Whether it be laziness or ineptness I'm sick of these Mickey Mouse assistant DAs not wanting to prosecute anyone unless it's a news story!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some things astound me! One of them is officers who cannot make a decision and have to call someone miles away to make an assessment and a decision. An off duty officer from another agency was on his way home from work. He saw a wreck on the side of the road and stopped to help. Another car whose driver wasn't paying attention hit his car pushing it into him injuring him. The officer who came to work it cited the officer!!! Hopefully his supervisors will fix that problem and maybe educate the officer to use some common sense!

In another example of inadequate communication a husband and wife are separated. The husband drives the van which is both of theirs. For some reason the wife reports the van stolen. It is found with the husband driving it. He isn't arrested for auto theft however he is arrested for the warrants he forgot to take care of. Oops!

A person calls to report two people having sex in a vehicle in a church parking lot! Officers find the two 17 year olds. For whatever reason the parents are called. Now the normal parental reaction would be anger. However with these two sets of parents their reaction is the ostrich approach of sticking one's head in the ground. The girl's parents insisted she was a virgin and that the semen stains on her dress were planted. The boy's parents claimed the girl is trying to get his money! I wish I'd been there. Those parents wouldn't have liked what I would have said to them. "Denial is more than a river in Egypt!"
Sometimes well meaning people make big problems for themselves. For example a guy was out for a walk and sees three young males he knew didn't live in the neighborhood. He decides to follow them and see what they were up to. He wound up getting robbed by them! Guess he'll think twice about following strangers again.

A watchful neighbor calls police when he sees two people going into a house knowing the owners are on vacation. When officers arrive one gives themselves up and the other hides in the house. The officers go in and drag him out. Turns out it is a husband and wife burglary team. Well the couple who steals together, gets incarcerated together.

A patrol officer gets flagged down at an apartment complex. He is told that there is a vacant apartment in which a homeless squatter has been staying at. Nobody has seen him in a long time. The apartment is locked up and flies can be seen gathering at the window accompanied by a pungent odor. This is the classic sign of a dead body inside. The officer takes his gun out, kicks in the door and goes inside. There, he finds a dead cat!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Security guards were fighting with a group of hoods. Police arrive and detain two individuals. One gives a name and date of birth but nothing comes back on the computer. The general consensus is the little turd is lying. His mother shows up and gives a different name. They take his print and and his true name comes up. Turns out he and his mother are lying. The prize is he is wanted for murder! It is very rare a wanted murderer is found. While enroute to jail he slips his hand cuffs so they restrain him with hobble restraints. Only 17 and his life is screwed! I looked up the charges and come to find out he and his friends killed another gang member. No big loss to society. One gang banger dead and three others going down for it. Just another statistic!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An officer drove by one of the many cantinas that litter the city. The cantinas are a hotbed of drug use and prostitution (many involve underage girls smuggled in as sex 'workers') yet good luck trying to get them shut down. As the officer drives past he sees three guys in a truck trying to duck down to avoid being seen. An obvious red flag. He finds three drunk illegal aliens one of them with his pants unzipped. They are arrested and inside the truck he finds a medium sized stash of narcotics packaged for sale!

I wonder if most people realize it's state law if you get into a minor accident to move it off the roadway to reduce congestion. However some people are so anal they think they have to block the road for a scuff mark. As was the case with the guy who got clipped. The woman who clipped him pulled into a parking lot. He stops right where he is at and blocks a lane of traffic. It was my first accident in about a year. Usually I get an officer to work it but since the format has changed I decided to work it to do it for myself and see. It wasn't hard. I've heard gripes that the new format takes two hours yet it only took me about 45 minutes!

A drunk peddles his bicycle right into a parked truck. A man gets out of the truck and calls the drunk into us. He then leaves and goes to his apartment. It's oddly funny. He says that the drunk is on the ground and not moving yet not concerned enough to stay and help. He goes home. Talk about living in the hood where they'll step over the body to "holla at a playa!"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Two arrests for the same offense in one day. One person altered his inspection sticker and the other simply took one off a truck and put it on his car. I did that when working the hood. I mean arresting two people for that same offense in the same day!

I run a plate and see the registration expired last year. He pulls into a parking lot. I look down and notice a word buried in my readout "stolen!"
Uh oh! How did I miss that the first time? I get the driver (a 60 year old man) back in his car. I finish the return but nowhere else does it say stolen. I figured the car had been previously stolen and then recovered. Funny thing is nobody checked by. Good thing I was under control the whole time.

A young man hits a car and keeps going. Sadly for him the other driver got his plate. His car was found in the parking lot of a nearby college. The officer waited on the driver who showed up and presented an altered alien card. The illegal alien said he didn't have time to stop! What nerve!

A thief was being watched on camera stealing clothes. The store initially called the police. The thief went into the bathroom. Per store policy they can no longer stop the thief because they lost sight of him and don't know if he has the merchandise on him anymore so they call back to cancel the call. About 30 minutes later they call back to report they chased him in the parking lot where got into his car and fled after striking two parked cars!

A man gets stopped by an officer on his way to pick up his kid from school. Maybe it was ego, or sexism, or just stupidity he tells the officer he has no time for her and tries to leave. He gets arrested in front of his kid. What a damn fool!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was working an extra job at a school and walking through the parking lot. I then hear a kid saying hi. I look around and find a little boy in a car by himself! "Oh hell no!" It's not hot and the window is down and he's been there for about 5 minutes because I saw the car pull into the parking lot. I learn that he's 8 and his mom is inside the school. The mom and a her boss (a teacher at the school) come out and the mom has been bawling. They tell me her son got thrown out of school for the day. The story they tell me is that he brought a ruler to school and hit another kid who grabbed him in a bear hug. Apparently at this particular school one cannot bring a ruler! Excuse me isn't a ruler a school supply? Talk about getting stupid! Really! Why stop there may as well ban pens and pencils since those can be used as shanks!

A gang member was caught trying to break into a car but he set off the alarm. He jumps in his car and drives off and is caught by responding units. A weapon is found in his trunk and he is arrested. Funny, the intake DA takes the charge and the gang member is taken to jail. Hours later another DA rejects the charge because the weapon was in the trunk and not "on or about the person." To be fair the statute does read that way. The legislature really needs to address that issue. Crooks can easily avoid arrest with this handy little knowledge.

Today was a day I really didn't feel like doing much. Maybe because I was mostly tired. There are days when I feel like kicking ass and taking names. There are other days when I don't want to do a damn thing! At the end of the shift I was with two other officers who have been around 10 years like myself. The topic came up how we all got started out. Both of their stories were pretty much the same as mine. They were called into the office by the recruiter and rushed through the hiring process. With me it was the same. I had a job at a local store and had to be at work right after the interview. He then scheduled me for the polygraph right then. It made me late for work and my then-boss was uber pissed off but hey the recruiter told me it was going to come at me fast and I needed to run with it. Since this job is what I worked my butt off for I couldn't pass up my chance to get on board. The rest is history!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Overheard at a gas station while stopping in for a pit stop and a drink:

Two black guys in du-rags and baggy clothing. The standard banger attire. Then a van comes into the parking lot with two Middle Eastern men in robes and long beards. One of the black guys says "awww hell dawg! Them mutha f••••• about to blow us up!"

That is funny!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The best explanation yet! A 19 year old is caught in a car with his 17 year old girlfriend. Not statutory rape but public lewdness had one wanted to push the issue. His pants and undies were off. When asked if he could have found a better place to have sex he said he was a Muslim and didn't engage in such behavior. The reason he was naked waist down was that it was hot and he needed to cool off. Brilliant! If I'm ever busted in a car with a woman that's exactly what I'm going to say!

I get called to a domestic violence scene with my camera. A pissed off father took a belt and beat the hell out of his daughter. Now, I'm all for beating the hell out of kids when they deserve it. However belt marks on both legs. Naaa! That's too much. I take the pictures of the injuries and then we go arrest the father. He wants to protest but I don't give him the chance. His son stands up and I thought he was going to try to interfere. At this stage I'm zero tolerance and told him once to sit his ass down. While we're finishing up the man's mother shows up all upset. Now had I known that he had a pending case for beating his wife before his daughter I'd have shattered mommy's bubble view of her son. I've got his family saying he's trying to raise a wicked daughter and she is the cause of all the trouble. I've got neighbors saying the father in a sociopath, smooth talker who beats women and his family seems to accept it. I don't know any of these people however my gut is inclined to believe that although the girl is no angel her father is worse.
On my way into the station I see someone running radar up ahead. That has to be Mrs. H! She's a sweetheart! I hit the accelerator to get my car up to 60 to have a little fun with her. As I get closer I realize it's not Mrs. H. Oh sh**! It's an officer from another agency and she's waving me over! Oh boy am I going to look stupid when I explain this to her. "Well officer I thought you were someone else!" I can see the letter already; "dear chief I thought it was someone else or I would have obeyed the traffic laws!" Thankfully as I slowed down to pull over she saw my uniform and waved me off! God bless her!

A drunk ex-employee stormed into a fast food restaurant and began tossing things around. As officers were en route he ran into the street banging on cars as they passed. Finally an officer found him and arrested him.

A robber hit a store ran by a man and his son. The robber shot the son and fought with the father who managed to take the gun from the robber and shot him in the head. Killed him instantly. Good job clerk!

A drunk and delusional woman goes to a department store with her 4-year old daughter and starts raising hell. She harasses customers for money and when she's told to leave she starts yelling and cursing and making a spectacle of herself. The officers get there and one recognizes her from past experience. Instead of taking her to jail he decides to take her to a psych hospital and the girl to CPS. Turns out she had two other small kids waiting at home. Those kids already have a major strike against them.

A man comes home drunk and starts yelling at his wife. He hits her and knocks her down. As they are fighting their elderly neighbor hears it and instead of calling the police. He shouts over his fence for them to shut up! Remind me not to have this fool for my neighbor. The bloodied woman refused to press charges however thanks to state law doesn't matter. He went to jail anyway.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A commander at another agency ordered an officer in his command to take his deptartment issued car to get it inspected. The officer wrecked his commander's car on the way to the inspection station. I'm still laughing!