Saturday, July 2, 2011

The woman's story just didn't add up. She says she was arguing with her husband in the kitchen. He walked up to her and pressed himself against her and the knife she was holding inadvertently went into his chest. What do you think?

A brazen group of bad guys are running around. They broke into a marked police car stealing the rifle inside then used it to rob someone a couple of hours later.

A group of vagrants pool their money to buy dope. Sadly to their dismay the dopeman never shows up so two of the vagrants take the money and the other vagrant gets upset and actually calls 911 demanding a theft report. When I show up the vagrants are arguing over under $5. One of the vagrants I recognize. He used to hang out down in the south side. We arrested him for being drunk in the streets many times. I asked him what the hell was he doing up this side of town. He replied he was tired of me arresting him down there. "You keep f****** around with these people I'll arrest you on this side of town as well!"

While detained in the back seat of a patrol car a drug dealer is on his phone with his buddy. The in-car camera picks up the lively conversation that goes like this:
"Oh she won't find it dawg!" Then when she does find the stash of marijuana under the driver's seat, "aw man she found it! I'm so f*****!"

A man sporting Crip tattoos gets stopped on traffic and gives a fake name. He's rehearsed this story because last time he was detained he got away with it. However this officer was much more prudent and thorough and held onto him for an hour before finally finding out who he was and his two felony warrants.