Monday, October 31, 2011

While helping change a flat tire a drunk strikes an officer with his car. Fortunately the officer heard him coming and was able to turn his body deflecting the blow somewhat. At least the drunk was kind enough to get out and check on the officer after striking the disabled vehicle. The officer is at home resting up. He'll be back thankfully.

Anyone watching the news the are has been having a lot of hit and run accidents as of late. The usual culprits are drunk and/or illegal aliens.

The past two weeks have been slow. Before that I was rather busy. Mostly drunk drivers and two drunks trying to stumble home. Sadly the drunker of the pair stumbled into the street in front of my patrol car. A surefire way to attract attention.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A young woman rolled her car over ejecting her. She died.

A man and woman get in a fight. The witness followed them as he hit her. When officers arrive the woman lies about the assault. The man gives a fake name and goes to jail.

A man comes out and catches a "man" breaking into his car. The "man" flees but it stooped a few minutes later. Turns out it's really a woman who was identified and arrested

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mother of the year. A drunk woman crashes her car into a house. When officers arrive she tells them she was on her way home from the bar. Then they as about the baby in her car. Her response was "there is a baby?"
The woman had her child with her. Last I heard someone told her to play suicidal and a doctor is trying to keep her out of jail by keeping her in the hospital.

A young man is found masturbating in his car next to a motel used by prostitutes. I can find many better things to do then get drunk, park where I can see prostitutes, and crank one off.

A woman is found asleep at a green light. When an officer wakes her up she tells the officer "f*** you" and drives off. She ended up in jail.

We get called by CPS to meet them. They are investigation child abuse allegations. His step father is a known meth user and hostile towards officers. I couldn't wait to meet him. I was hoping he would slip up and earn a free ride downtown. However he knew the game and taunted us just below the level of probable cause. Oh well we shall try again.

I love it when drunk drivers make it easy for me. He swerves, stumbles, and blows double the legal limit. Easy!