Sunday, January 29, 2012

A woman led officers on a chase across about 20 miles of freeway before fleeing into a neighborhood (probably her home) and finally stopping.

A woman pulls in behind an officer who had her illegal alien, no ID having husband stopped on traffic. Too bad for her she had an old theft warrant for her arrest. When she was arrested she screamed, cried, and whined. She had been charged with stealing from a family (including children) she worked for. Hard to pity her. At the jail a fake ID card was found but the DA's office refused to prosecute.

A woman called to report her 21 year old son shot himself. No reason at this time.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Started the night with a man screaming for help call. Turns out he was stuck on his ladder.

A man riding a bicycle got caught with marijuana.

A woman was seen drifting to a couple of exits then swerving back. Took her awhile to stop. She was drunk.

Officers respond to an alarm and find an open door. They check the residence and find it empty. Except that someone left their marijuana and scales on the table. Oops.

While taking a drunk driver to intox an officer listens helplessly as the drunk pukes in her backseat.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember the old, retired deputy suffering from dementia (go back a couple of posts)? He showed up at the station to talk about people following him. As citizens walked into the lobby he claimed they were part of the conspiracy. He tried to show off his pistol there in the lobby and had to be stopped. He was sent home with an officer following. While en route he started freaking out and waving his gun around. He was stopped and taken to a psych hospital. We shall see if this is the last we'll see of him.

Two black males tried to strong arm rob a Sonic. They jumped the poor car hop and pulled her inside. Fortunately someone hit an alarm and they fled

Meanwhile across town another black male with a mask robbed a taqueria at gunpoint.

A wrecker driver tows a car and let's the driver ride with him. After stoping him off he realized his cell phone was missing.

A guy taking care of his sick mother drives to a parking lot to have phone sex with his girlfriend. He starts handling himself in his car, in the middle of an empty business plaza lot. It must have been some good phone sex because he never saw the officer until it was too late. I wonder how he is going to explain this to his sick mother.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A drunk woman stabbed herself twice in her gun. When officers arrive she is standing in the kitchen with several knives. She reaches for one then finds a gun jammed in her face. She changed her mind.

Meanwhile someone kicked in the back door while the family is home setting off the alarm. The burglars fled.

A man called is to report he was car jacked. While the timeline of his story didn't add up other officers come by and tell us this man's truck was involved in a crash earlier this night and the driver fled. Since we couldn't locate the original parties to the accident we went ahead and took his BS report. Hopefully the detectives will be smart enough to follow up and file false report charges later on.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A woman called to report a 21 year old male wasn't breathing. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

A man called saying his father shot himself in the head. When officers arrived they found a male with a gunshot wound to his head.

After a pursuit a K9 finds one of the suspects and biting the hell out of him.

I hate family disturbances. A couple are cursing at each other with their young daughter watching sending her into tears. No charges are filed because there was no assault. Poor girl I hate these kinds of calls. The ADA doesn't take any charges but says we have to make the man leave. I love it when DA's think they are bigger than they really are. If we're not arresting anyone we can't force people out of this own homes. While there I noticed their professionally made family portrait. They were sitting together, holding each other, smiling, looking like the perfect family. Yet tonight he is drunk and cursing in front of his twin daughters. She is drunk and dropping F bombs like a rapper and the twin girls are upset.

I was behind a car when the passenger side door opens and a woman's head pops out vomiting. I stop the car knowing what I had. Fortunately the designated driver was doing her job. I wished her luck and let them go.

We then get called to a man in a car. I find him drunk, passed out with the door open. He's got his arms crossed instinctively Trying to keep warm. As I'm shaking him up I see the pink vomit on the ground. We finally get him woken up and he can't say how he got there. I ask about the blood on the side of the car. His eyes widen and he starts to panic. I found it funny because there was no blood. I just wanted to mess with him. Fortunately for him his group lived right there and we sent him to them.

A man was finally caught after committing a series of robberies at local bus stops. He would ride the train and rob people sitting at the stops. Not a very ambitious robber I must say. Robbing public transportation clientele!!! Really!!

An officer first said he was clearing a jam in his gun. Then he said he was checking the function when the rifle fired in his car. Oops!

A woman hears banging sounds against her front window. She calls 911 and we go. I get there first. As I go up the driveway I hear someone on the other side of the gate leading into the backyard. He suddenly opens the gate almost getting a gun put in his face. It was the homeowner startling us. Come to find out the banging noise was an eagle emblem on the flag pole blowing against the window.

We get another, similar call. We run lights and siren to learn it was a damn cat making the noises.

A drunk woman speeds past an officer who gives chase. The officer gets the woman stopped who puts up a struggle which got us coming code. By the time I got there she was laid out on the trunk screaming and crying. She went to jail.

While driving down the road I see a vehicle speeding and all over the road. I stop him and see what I thought was marijuana. Turns out it was Cush, the synthetic marijuana. I arrested him. I'm sure his felony probation will be yanked soon.

An officer finds a drunk passed out behind the wheel. The officer gets the drunk out who assaults the officer. The officer was slightly injured and the drunk went to jail insisting he did nothing wrong.

Two teens were seen trying to break into cars. When we get there one is seen running up the street on his cell phone. Most likely hollering at someone to pick him up. We ran up and down a bayou but we lost him.

A couple living with his patents get into a fight with their baby in the room. They lived with his parents because he got laid off and found a job up here. The DA took no charges because the woman wasn't forthcoming in her story. She ended up leaving with the baby thus breaking the hearts of the grandparents.

Later on was eating breakfast with my supervisor when two intoxicated girls wanted a picture with us. My supervisor didn't let it. I didn't mind as long as it was a "pose with" picture and not a drunk club picture. The girls said I was hotter anyway. I'm going to remind my supervisor of that periodically.

Monday, January 9, 2012

It rained a lot. I had to pull into a parking lot and get out and walk around to keep from nodding off. A woman who is often mistaken for a man was caught breaking into a car yet again. Obviously she didn't learn the last time my friend arrested her for the same thing (which she jumped bail and had a warrant). For her effort she earned a shotgun blast from the owner of the car (that sadly missed) and another trip to jail. Some stolen property was recovered afterward. I'm heading home when a guy busts the red light. I love it when they say "it was yellow!". Mmm no it wasn't or I wouldn't be wasting my time on my way home. This close to quittin' time he earned that ticket. Then just two blocks from that is a crash in perhaps the largest, busiest intersection on this side of town. Fortunately day shift actually got there and took it.
On my way in received a message to call a "Sgt. M.". I call him and have a hard time understanding his rambling. He says he is a retired sergeant from another agency. He goes on a rant about a chase, helicopters, and a guy stealing cars. Yet he can't give me any specifics. Cops are specific. He also insists I come over and meet him. I got the sense he wasn't in his right mind and wanted company. I later found out he suffers from a bit of dementia. He might be reliving an old experience. I feel sorry for him in a way. That could be me in 60 years. We're called to teenagers breaking into a car. As we arrive an officer spots one of them who flees into a bayou. A citizen yells for us and we run down the bayou. I'm too old for this running sh**! A man returns home to become a robbery victim. A "routine" (I hate that term) traffic stop turns into a stolen vehicle recovery. A man was speeding and probably drunk when he hit a car sending it into a fence. Then his truck flipped over ejecting him. He landed on the street then his truck landed on him, killing him. A drunk teenager stole his parents' car. They chased and caught him but didn't want to prosecute. Meanwhile he bangs his head while profanely declaring he "don't give a f***!". He goes to the hospital rather than jail.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A woman goes to the grocery store leaving her 7 month old in the car while she shops. She comes back and gets arrested. An officer arrives on a family violence call and is attacked by the teenage, autistic son who bites the officer and goes for his gun. Because of his mental issues he goes to a psych hospital rather than the ER. Someone attacks me like that I don't care about their mental condition I'm going to fight hard. A slow night all in all. A couple of stops and tickets issued.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A family came home from holiday vacation to find thousands of dollars of electronics and jewelry stolen. They said their niece came over while they were gone and had friends over. Now she is out of the country. I'm not a detective but I have an idea of whom to look at next. I just hope the actual detectives are as smart.

Two teenagers were caught breaking into a house. I wish I could've been there to see their parents' reactions.

I stop a guy for driving without lights and in this part of town I just had a feeling that it was going to be a ***damned "no gotti" and sure as the night was long it was. I put him in my car while I go through the agonizing task of trying to sort through his 3 or 4 names. In the end I succeed however some short, drunk (illegal alien) comes stumbling up to me with his hand in his pocket making me nervous. So I jump out and grab him. He stomps and salutes with his other hand. He too, gets cuffed and stuff. I was going to charge with public intoxication but I found his brother who was willing to take him off my hands so I let him.

I rolled into work and found out my favorite Starbucks was already closed. Damn! I was hoping to have my comfort beverage.

A man decided to break into a storage facility across from a police substation. Needless to say a foot chase ensues. The career burglar runs across an interstate highway, a mall parking lot, and into a suburban neighborhood where he is finally caught and charged.

A man comes over to his ex wife's house and imminently starts a fight. The current husband fights with him and ends his year with bullets to his chest and a trip to the morgue. We're still looking for the killer. It's only a matter of time before someone catches him.

I then run from fireworks to fireworks call clearing them all gone on arrival. It's New Year's Eve so I'm not going to waste a lot of time with fireworks calls.

As I turn the corner I see two wrecked vehicles in a parking lot and a frantic male telling me a silver truck came into the lot and crashed into two cars then fled. Amazingly this is across the street from the storage center (first entry on this post) that was broken into earlier. I go up the road and find a truck matching the description just up the road. I pull it over and cuff and stuff the driver. I was surprised to find he wasn't drunk. I was further surprised when I inspected the truck and found old damage that wasn't responsible for the wreckage I saw earlier. I was even further surprised when the actual suspect was caught just up the road from me.

A young woman leaving a NYE celebration and not paying attention turns in front of an oncoming car and totals her new BMW that her dad bought for her.