Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An officer was coming back from the jail when he spots a vehicle speeding and cutting off other traffic. This is the kind of fool we dream of stopping and locking up. Unfortunately the officer didn't realize this was a stolen vehicle. When it fled it was on. Amazingly all three occupants were caught.

A teenager was out after hours and trying to make a "sex for beer" type of meal. That didn't work so a security guard gets involved and the guy flees. He gets spotted and the chase is on. they got him running through a bayou.

A man got shot at a pool hall. Sadly I don't have anymore details.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I hate family disturbances. We go to a house as a husband and wife are fighting. Their oldest son is standing in the hallway watching this and crying. He wants to be tough but these are his parents and he just can't handle it. The husband says they are both cheating on each other with other people. Think about your kids.

After that I'm heading down the road, minding my business when I see a truck all over the road. When they see me they slow down to about 20 MPH and act sober by going up a curb. He gets arrested for DWI and his partner for possession of cocaine.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A minivan blatantly runs a red light in front of me. When I stop him he tells me he is a doctor and was paged by his hospital. I looked into it and learn it's more of an outpatient clinic so it's not imperative he get there ASAP. The last guy that used this excuse I proved was lying to me and got several citations. I really didn't feel like writing a citation so I warned him and cut him loose.

For whatever reason a guy ran down three people in his vehicle. I want to say they know who he is and got him but I didn't get the latest update.

In another side of town and husband and wife get into a fight. He hits her, she stabs him. Turn about is fair play isn't it?

A neighbor calls in after finding a young child wandering the street. Mommy and daddy are sleeping off their highs. They are arrested and charged.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In almost a textbook call officers go to a house. Nobody has heard from the elderly relative. They smell that all too familiar odor of death and break into the house. The man is found dead in his bedroom.

The labor day weekend is off to a start. I was on the freeway and spotted a car that would drift to one side of the road then jerk back into the lane. After about the 4th time of watching this I stop him, test him, and arrest him. Since it's "no refusal" weekend he blew a 0.15.

Another guy tried to keep going with the officer behind him and wound up tossing about 2 pounds of marijuana out the window. Nice try!

Criminals are still emboldened to take on the police. Maybe partly because they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Maybe partly because thanks to (what I say) is a concerted effort to give crooks and their activist mouthpieces power over the police. One officer was shot trying to stop a car. Another officer's car was rammed by a crook after his buddy was arrested. Another officer was hit my a fleeing car after being confronted. On top of that there are burglars out there specifically targeting police officers' cars and homes looking for weapons and equipment. Sometimes it's hard to fight someone who doesn't have to play by the rules when we do.

A drunk, illegal alien drove into a house while the residents were sleeping. Fortunately no one was hurt. The illegal fled but someone got his plate where we found him at home trying to feign sleep. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was his attitude but he seemed not to be overly concerned with what he did. He tried telling his wife that someone hit him.

I had just left diner when the radio blared to life with a pursuit. He abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot. Within 20 minutes we found him hiding. Drunk, 17 years old at one of our beloved cantinas (this was roughly 5am) and with an attitude as well. And people wonder why nobody likes cantinas.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A woman fell asleep on her couch. She wakes up to find her house had burglarized. Hmmm.

I see a guy on a bicycle in the darkness. I stop him and off the bat he is stand offish. I spot his f*** the world tattoo on his hands. A kid with a chip on his shoulder. My little chat with him did no good. He's gonna get arrested again I feel it.

A man gets drunk and grabs a knife and threatens his family. When he gets arrested he asks not to "do this to him!".