Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This falls under stupid criminals. Officers respond to a domestic disturbance. The woman is either upset at her man or was assaulted I'm not sure which. While they are taking her statement he returns home carrying a bale of marijuana! After he is arrested, the still upset woman shows officers where the rest of his supply along with his illegal firearm is! If you're going to be a criminal don't piss your woman off!
Two women are involved in a car crash. They both tell officers that a car hit them and knocked them into a tree. Problem is neither one can give any information about the other vehicle. Also, the only visible damage is from the side of the car that hit the tree! There should be damage on another part of the vehicle from the hit & run car. I don't believe them. I think they lost control of the car, hit the tree, and made up the phantom car!

Two officers respond to an alarm at a business. They enter through the back door which closed and automatically locked. The officers found themselves locked in the place for about 30 minutes until a phone number was found for someone to tell them the code to the electronic lock.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A woman moved back in with her parents to get away from her drunk, abusive husband. One evening he shows up drunk and punches through a pane of glass trying to get to her. He gets into the house and fights with his father in law and gets him on the ground punching him in the face. His mother in law sprays him with mace and ends the fight. The maced soon-to-be ex son-in-law goes to jail.

A man gets a notice he is being investigated for indecency with a child. He decides to eat a bullet. Going to guess that means he was guilty! Pornography was found all over the house.

Two fools drag race on a street. One of them loses control of his souped up mustang and hits a tree. An off duty officer who saw the race stops by to help and be a witness. After destroying his mustang he is arrested for racing. He denies racing saying he was trying to catch up to the other car to say "what's up!" A good reason to wrap a mustang around a tree!

A man is awakened by noises outside. He grabs a pistol and goes outside to find a young man breaking into his car. The man shouts and the car burglar says to shoot him, he needs the money! Sadly some idiots would give that turd a payout. The burglar jumps into a car and speeds off as the homeowner shoots at the car.

An alert officer notices a car backed up to a Walmart auto center that is closed. As he approaches he sees a guy attempt to hide. The officer snatches him up and finds the guy is attempting to break into the place. He goes to jail.

An officer looks up to see a man in the car in front of him beating his wife/girlfriend (not sure of the relationship). He goes to jail.
A resident called about three teens smoking marijuana. Can't be that bright to do it where someone sees them and gets caught. One of them is the son of an officer. Oh well! All cops have black sheep in their families.

In the middle of the night someone blasted a shotgun into a residence. Nobody was hurt!

A man is released from jail and has no money. So he takes his xanax and inadvertently finds a plain clothes officer. He tries to sell the officer the xanax and winds up right back in jail!

Officers are called to look for a missing 2-year old child. The parents are understandably frantic. The child is soon found hiding behind a couch in the house!

My supervisor gets lucky. He is maxed out on vacation time and needs to burn a day. So he picks a Saturday. He tells his wife he will be off and she asks why did he choose that particular date. Then it struck like lightning. That day is his anniversary! He had forgotten. Without missing a beat he said he wanted to take her somewhere nice for their anniversary and she melted. Talk about smooth!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

People who never find fault within themselves never cease to amaze me. An officer working a district has a known dope house. So naturally he pays extra attention to it especially to cars leaving it. He tails a car leaving the house and finds a traffic violation to stop it for. As he stops the car a bag of marijuana is tossed out. Needless to say both occupants get arrested. About three days later the wife of one of the arrested calls into complain that her family is being harassed by that officer! Her complaint was that her house was raided by narcotics detectives who found "a little bit of weed!" The supervisor taking the call is cool and calm and addresses her concerns. Then he calls a contact in narcotics and lets them know they need to keep watching the house. He also finds out the woman works for the probation department so a call is placed to them. See, we can play that game too.

Two homeless men are caught drinking at the same hood convenience store again and arrested. One of them goes on a saliva rampage spitting on both officers. While going to jail he kept spitting on the cage and even vomited. A class act.

A woman calls to report her minor daughter is missing and with an adult relative (and illegal immigrant). Here is the kicker, the illegal is her cousin AND her boyfriend and his side of the family knows it and thinks it's okay. The mom tells officers originally she was kidnapped. However both turn up at his apartment and the story becomes she is being molested by her mother's boyfriend. What a mess that's about to get messier now that sex crimes and childrens' protective services are now involved!