Saturday, February 27, 2010

Word gets around pretty quick. An off duty officer apparently laid down his motorcycle on the interstate and hurt himself pretty bad. Life flight came out and flew him to the hospital where last I hear he is talking. Thank God! As much as motorcycles are appealing they can be hell if you lay them down at 80 MPH!

Someone was telling me about the former officer who got arrested a couple of days ago for drunk driving. Apparently he cut off the arresting officer and refused to do any tests after claiming he was still an officer. He also urinated on himself. Real classy! Again can't say I feel any sympathy for him.

I'm on the road and need to get over into the lane yet there is another car there. I turn on the signal and slow down for the car to pass me. It brakes and slows down significantly. He is sure reluctant to pass me. In my line of work this is known as a clue. I practically come to a stop to get him to pass me and I see an expired sticker. Okay that's a start. I pull him over and all he has is the expired sticker and a license plate that was cancelled two years ago. That's it? That's all? Damn I thought it would be something better than that. I write the tickets and go on my way.

I hate to sound politically incorrect here, but what is it with Asians and driving without headlights at night? I'm serious the only people I ever find anymore driving without their headlights at night are Asian drivers. Tonight was no exception. She drives right past me with no lights. Then when I turn my lights on she stops not on the side of the road, but in the middle of it! With cars coming up behind me. I finally get her to move to a safe spot and show her how to turn on her lights then I let her go.

Then a luxury car blows through a red light. I stop it and find a pregnant woman driving. She's my age. She's upping her breathing trying to cry. Oh please! Little does she know that if she has a valid license and insurance I'm going to let her go. However I want to see her little game here. She says she was on her way from a baby shower and that her husband is in the hospital and life is hard. Apparently he's not critical if she's out at a baby shower. This woman strikes me as very spoiled and not good at this game. Lucky for her I already made up my mind to let her go. During all that fake crying she did not shed one damn tear! I thought about pointing that out to her but na! No point in doing so.

Then comes an emergency call. A teenage girl hears someone at her door and calls 911. I'm on the other side of the highway from her house so I hit the lights and noise and haul ass and I'm the first one there. As I walk up to the door I see a note jammed in it. This is what the girl heard when she panicked. I knock on the door and she and her friend open the door. I felt like I was in a bad teenage comedy when the girls open the door wearing almost nothing. I show her the note. Of course we check the house and find nothing and try to reassure her it's okay. Being teenagers they are still in a state of panic and probably still not old enough to be left home alone.

Right after that EMS calls us saying they are trying to transport an elderly lady who fell down to the hospital but her son is giving them problems. Now, I get really pissed off when someone interferes with us doing our jobs! Same goes for fire and medical people (oh and a little secret I do have a fondness for lady paramedics). I get there as the elderly woman is being loaded up and the officers are fussing at the drunk son. He's about 40ish so he's not kid. One of the medics says he was telling them he has a black belt in kung fu. I raised my flashlight and said "amazing coincidence, I have a black flashlight and two black boots!" I go talk to the drunk son who is just pathetic in my opinion. I flat out ask why is he giving the nice medical people problems and he says he isn't. Well what the hell am I doing here if that's the case? I warn him he better sober up before he leaves the house to see his mother. As we're leaving he comes out claiming harassment and why isn't his mother being cared for. I whisper to the other officers if he gets to the easement before the street I'm going to arrest him. I see he is wearing flip flops. A thought crosses my mind. I wanted so badly to say that I have a boot for his ass but that would be unprofessional. I tell him he better not come out onto the street. Yet I'll admit part of me hopes he disregards me and walks up to me. I'm so wanting him to give me a reason to arrest him. However fortunately for him he stops and goes back into the house, exactly as I tell him to do. Damn! One of the few times a drunk actually does what I tell him/her! I turn around and the ambulance is leaving along with the pretty lady medic. Out of my life, for now!

Man calls the police saying he was followed home by a man possibly on drugs. The sure sign of drug use. He gave the caller "the finger!". Sounds more like a road rage deal!
Woman calls police because someone came into her house and changed the decor of her house and she doesn't like it.

Someone fired a shot into a house through the window. The caller needs an ambulance not because anyone was shot! Because she wants her blood pressure checked. I think it's safe to assume if someone shoots into your house that your blood pressure will rise.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I wonder why she did it. Someone found a woman dead in a car. Apparently she had taken her own life. Women used to rarely commit suicide by shooting themselves however now it's becoming more prevalent. I know they say suicide is a straight ticket to hell however (and maybe I'm too compassionate) some of these people need peace. Why can't they have it in the afterlife at least?

Officers had to chase two home invaders throughout a neighborhood and called three different agencies looking for a K9 to come out and aid in the search. By the time they finally found one the second suspect (after the first had been caught) was found hiding in a drainage pipe and at first refused to come out. However he was persuaded to come out eventually.

Rumor has it a former officer got arrested for drunk driving. Knowing who it is I think karma finally caught up to him!

Repeatedly had to check the radio because it was quiet for too long. I get nervous when the radio is quiet for a long period of time. I have to make sure my radio is on and on the right channel. After all that radio silence at the end of the shift a big fight goes down at a popular restaurant full of families and friends just wanting to enjoy a night out. I'm the first one on the scene and snatch up one guy who people are pointing out. Come to find out it's two different groups of people from different something or other who agreed to meet at the restaurant to fight it out. How stupid! As I'm talking to one guy he actually tells me two guys got naked before fighting. I had to have him repeat it. In this cold weather two guys got buck ass naked to fight? Too bad they're gone I'd would have gladly taken them to jail naked and thrown them in the tank with the other inmates.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The word on the street is the Sheriff gave a TV interview in uniform. However he forgot to put his badge on. If someone has a picture or the video please send it to me. I'd like to see that for myself.

A man is walking with his dog not on a leash. He's violating the leash law and an officer (real easy going guy) politely tells him to put his dog on a leash. The man says he disagrees with the law and isn't going to obey it! Uh oh! Never tell that to a cop. Regardless if you agree or disagree with the law disobeying it and challenging a cop isn't the wisest course of action. He proceeds to give a fake name and is caught at it. On the way to jail for fail to id he says he gave a fake name because he "disagreed with the law!" I hope they did something with his dogs and not leave them there.

Another clown decides to grab some beer at a grocery store and run. The manager chases him and they fight it out in the parking lot and inadvertently exchange cell phones. I like going through crooks' discarded cell phones you can find some interesting stuff. Not only did I find a good picture of the suspect, I click the 'next' icon and see a blurry picture of a woman looking into the lens. Her cheek is sunken in, she's got something her mouth....WHOA!!!!!!!!
Now seriously, I can understand wanting to photograph yourself getting your freak on. However you really ought to be smart about it and password protect those pictures for obvious reasons. For you Iphone users 'there's an application for that!'

I'm driving with my supervisor in the car. We're chatting it up when a vehicle passes up like we're standing still. I pace it at over 90 MPH and it's still leaving us behind! I catch up to him his the lights. We go on for about a mile when he pulls over. I'm entering information and he drives off! He isn't trying to get away from me he is just out for a casual drive. I finally get him stopped and it's a damn teenager! He said I was talking too long to exit the car so he didn't think he had to stay. He didn't seem like a bad person, just thick headed and thinks he doesn't have to take any responsibility. He had a traffic warrant out for his arrest. So I arrest him and tow his car. I wonder if being arrested and his father's vehicle getting towed will drive the point home.
I was going over some paperwork when a man walks into the lobby. He says he was in a crash over the weekend and fled the scene when he was scared. Wow! That hardly ever happens. A unit comes to get his information. Now, I figured he was going to arrest the guy for fail to stop and give information but instead gives him a ticket for his part in the accident! Huh? Oh well I can see the DA's office refusing to prosecute saying his walking in and confessing isn't good enough. I can see them saying he would have to be in a photo lineup and identified by the driver of the other car who never got a look at him.

A drunk is discovered in the street and arrested for public intoxication. I get there and the officer is hoping he has drugs on him. He doesn't want a simple Class C arrest, he wants to file charges. He finds a lighter on the drunk and asks where his dope is. The drunk denies ever using drugs (despite the fact he has a history of drug arrests). The officer then asks if he doesn't use drugs where are his cigarettes. The drunk replies "in my pocket you missed them dummy!"
That was pretty funny! The officer got his wish when the drunk threatened him with retaliation for arresting him! What a damn fool! That was his 25th arrest!

Another guy decided he just had to relieve himself sexually so he chose a park to go do it. Too bad he chose to do it next to an officer! He went to jail!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Occasionally I get frantic calls from officers. One calls me up freaking out because his girlfriend stormed out of the apartment after a fight. I wasn't feeling very sympathetic but he said his mind wasn't right to come to work. He said since she left he's tried calling and texting her. Whoa! Hold on! I ask him many messages has he sent and he says about 100! Damn! I tell him that she's doing this to play with his mind and he needs to quit chasing her. I finally convince him to take my advice and later on she comes home. The next day he comes up and tells me I was right about her. I never tire of hearing that. In fact she came back to yell at him for not pursuing her like she wanted. Definitely a case where the younger generation can look up to us who've "been there done that!"
We're being warned about the cold weather. I don thermals and hope it doesn't rain along with the cold temperatures. I turn on the radio to listen to a pursuit that's going on. Some idiot lead three agencies on a chase then said he ran because he was thinking of his kids. Talk about retarded!

I run a call where a man got threatened by a man who parked in his driveway to pick his kid up from school! Talk about disrespectful!

We then responded to a call where a man came home to find his back window broken, his humongous TV set left outside in the rain and his laptop stolen. Talk about sucking!

Some snow started coming down as we ate dinner. It didn't last long. I looked up, saw the snow coming down. Took a bite of my dinner and looked out again and it had stopped!

Saw a vehicle that had a hard time driving straight. Made me wonder if he was drunk or just couldn't see the road. I decided to find out which and pulled him over. The guy was an illegal alien. I ran his name and found different arrest records with the same information except for the date of birth. I decided to arrest him to be sure who he really was.

After than I'm going down the street when a car turns in front of me with no tail lights. I go ahead and stop him too. He hands me an expired license which is suspended. He has insurance this time but has a prior conviction meaning he can't get a ticket. What kind of surprised me is the assistant DA gave me a hard time about the prior conviction. She sounded like she was going to flake out so I told her I had the case number, the date, all that good stuff. I arrest him too and since he's cool I let him call his friend to get his car. I really didn't want to tow the car. The guy strikes me as having enough problems. I call his friend for him and he says he's been arrested. His friend says "for DWI?" The prisoner says "naw man I ain't drunk, my license is suspended!" Hell of a friend to automatically assume that!
I walk into the office and hear about a home invasion that occurred earlier that morning. A man woke up and found two punks in his living room. He thought they had a rifle. The two flee and he calls us. One of our guys finds the suspects' car a block away with one of them outside so he gets snatched. The other is found hiding in some bushes a short while later. They find one is an adult and other is a juvenile. Both are charged with the same felony and taken to their respective jails.

Went driving through one of our many bad neighborhoods. I notice all the cross looks I'm getting from the locals. I am surprised when two young kids start waving so I wave back. I hope those kids grow up to remember the nice cop who waved back. As I pass an apartment complex I see a guy with his pants hanging down. He's showing off for two young kids throwing his signs. He sees me staring at him hard. If he mocks me I'm turning the car and gonna get out and make his acquaintance. He stops and then starts scuttling away. Probably to get rid of his product.

I get notified by dispatch to call the juvenile jail. Come to find out one of the little burglars from that morning really isn't a juvenile. So now someone has to come get him and take him to the correct jail and the charges and jail hold have to be redone. I have to do all that from the station. On my way a van flies past me like I'm standing still. I pull him over and the moment I get a look at him I know there is no way in hell he has a driver's license nor is he an adult. Sure enough he's 16 and took his dad's van without asking. I go back to my car and call his dad to come get him and the van. Meanwhile I run him and find a missing person hit out of New York. After some digging around I figure out it's not him, just amazing coincidence. He seems annoyed that I'm holding him. When his older brother arrives he tells me he thinks he's a man and at the age where nobody can tell him anything. I tell him to beat his ass! If he were my kid he'd be limping!

I make it back to the station and pull the report and after an hour take care of the charges. All that idiot did by lying about his age was extend the time he was in custody!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The call goes out as a man beating a woman in a parking lot. I'm just a mile down the road so I cut a sharp turn and head up that way. I'm the first to arrive and I see nothing going on. I see a couple of people in the parking lot but nobody is trying to get my attention. I pull up to a man getting into his vehicle and ask him if he calls. He answers no with an attitude. Something inside me tells me he's not being totally forthcoming. However I have no suspect description and I'm hesitant to hold him with such limited information. Another unit arrives and goes inside the business. As we're waiting the man leaves. The officer comes out and says the man who just drove off is the guy we're looking for! After saying "oh sh**!" I jump in my car and go down the freeway after him. I'm a little embarrassed at this point. I had the man but because I didn't have enough information to be sure I let him go. I see two vehicles ahead of me that split up. I choose one and catch up to him and I'm thinking "please God let this be him so I can redeem myself!" I can hear the other officer get on the radio and tell the world I talked to the suspect before letting him drive off. Great! I pick one of the vehicles and thank God it's the right one. I stop him and he gets out and I put him in cuffs and throw him in my car and chew his ass out for misleading me like that. Granted he didn't call us, but he damn well knew we were there for him. Come to find out it was just an argument and the people in the business over reacted. At least I found him and didn't lose him. That would have been embarrassing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was going to another substation for a briefing when the call went out. Supposedly on a major freeway there was a man sitting on a barrier with a weapon! Normally I look for excuses not to have to go to the stations and this was pretty good one. Then I realize I'm about a mile from where he's supposed to be. Now, if he has a gun and is sitting on the barrier and I roll up on him I'm a sitting duck in that car. In my mind I formulate a plan. If I do find him, and he does have a gun and he does point it at me. Since I can't get to my own gun in that car I'm just going to aim the car at him and go Clara Harris on his ass! I reach the intersection he's supposed to be at and nobody is there. I exit, U-turn and go back the other direction checking the other side when someone says they have the guy about 3 miles up the road. So I head that way. Right before I get there they announce "oops it's not him but wait we have him at..." which is 3 miles the other way. So I exit and make another damn U-turn and arrive along with 10 other units. He had no weapon and turned out to be some nutbar walking along the roadway.

One of our districts gets swamped with calls and we run out of units. Thursdays and Fridays are our shorthanded days so I head up there and run calls as well. I get stuck on a half hour call with a pissed off woman who wants to complain because her ex-husband called us to accompany him to pick up his kids. I've talked to him before and he's paranoid. After listening to her rant I flat out tell her she's wrong. Her complaint is with her ex husband not the officers. I also tell her if we're called we're coming and perhaps she should try being friendly and not a bitch! Okay I didn't say that last part like that. I used a little more diplomatic approach.

I arrive back at the station and see an officer look like they are hiding by a port-o-potty. I ask what they are doing. They hesitate. Then tell me more I need to know. Apparently they had to use the restroom and didn't have a flashlight so they pee'd on the closed lid and on their pant leg. That's the first time I've had someone tell me that one!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I guess my annoying weekend carried on into the work week. I get to the substation and load up and get ready to head out. I see a lone officer from another agency on a fender bender right in the median in front of the station. He is in a semi bad spot. At least people are slowing down in this spot. However what galls me is that the other officers are too busy loading their gear into their cars and who knows what to notice. This is a little embarrassing if this officer in the road needs help and the substation he's next to just goes about their business. I pull up next to him and offer to help but they are just going to exchange information. Situation easily resolved and our agency doesn't like an ass just passing by another officer.

There was no water in the main station today. A water main busted leaving the water pressure way low. I don't have to stay there but the poor dispatchers do!

Driving down the streets still irked about the weekend. I hate it when people can't follow through on what they say....hey that truck in front of me has an expired tag! I walk up and see he has the registration sticker for another car. He even admits it! He claims the inspection is legit and he is a state inspector! So he knows if I find out the inspection is fake I can arrest him but the MVI office is closed after hours. So he gets all the tickets I can write him.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still raining and still cold as Siberia! This is the kind of weather where you do not want to get out of the car for any reason whatsoever. Alas that wasn't going to happen when I drove up into a busy intersection to find a dead car and two women standing outside of it in the freezing rain. I hit my lights and creep into the intersection so I can block off the car and the ladies. I put on my hat along with the cold weather (not rain) jacket and stand outside waiting on a wrecker to move the car and get the women out of the roadway. Finally one shows up. I think it took me 20 minutes to warm up and dry off inside the car.

A young man decided he was going to see if he had the "courage" to kill himself. He didn't. He pulled a knife and walked towards an officer who had his gun out. The young man changed his mind and briefly shut himself in his bedroom then he surrendered. I heard he later tried to hang himself in the jail using his belt.

Found out an officer I know is back in the hospital for chest pains. Poor guy! I'd be majorly upset to still be having to put up with it. I hope he will be okay.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I was running too close for comfort today. I lagged getting ready and headed out the door at the last minute. I had to make a stop at the cleaners and get my clean uniforms including the long sleeve shirt for the cold weather. I arrive at the station at the last minute and start putting my gear into the patrol car. At one point I walk out from my car and take a sharp left to the patrol car. Good thing I did because one of our dispatchers must have been running late because she comes flying through the parking lot right past me. When she passes me she has to slam on her brakes because an officer is coming slowly around the corner and they almost met!

I hear dispatch broadcast a stolen Mustang taken by an officer in the next county's own daughter who ran away to see her convict boyfriend. That sucks. That's like a slap in the face the girl would choose a criminal over her own father. However her cop/father kind of makes himself annoying when he calls us demanding we issue an Amber alert. He isn't happy with the explination that his daughter running away and stealing the car doesn't qualify for an Amber alert. Surely he would have read up on it before he would call to make a demand.

I'm driving down the street about an hour before dinner time when I get stuck in a traffic jam. I figured it was typical rush hour traffic until I see the wrecker lights up ahead. I then see a disabled vehicle in the intersection. I see the two occupants and ask if they are okay and the man (driver) is looking at me rather strangely. I ask where the other car is and they look at me funny. I then ask in Spanish (she said they don't speak English) and they still look at me funny. I get the car moved and we quiz the couple some more. The man was driving but the woman seems to want to do all the talking. Another clue something is up. I silence her and ask the man (via interpreter) what happened and he said he hit another vehicle that went into the parking lot (about half a mile away). I ask him why is he over here and not in that parking lot with the other vehicle. He said he figured they were meeting later. Oh hell no! This fool tried to flee the scene and his car broke down in the intersection. Though why he didn't run on foot is beyond me. We give sobriety tests and on HGN he's got all the signs. We try the walk & turn which he cannot do and then he starts getting aggravated and tensing up. I thought he was getting ready to fight so I come up behind him and grab him and cuff him before he makes up his mind. He goes to intox and I'll have to find out later how that went.

It's time to go to dinner so I clear that and head on down the road. I hear a siren coming up behind me and watch as a transit officer rushes past me. I flip to their channel to see what's going on. I don't need to activate my equipment I just go with the flow and reach the scene after him. Come to find out some drunk had to go pee and whipped it out and urinated all over the bus and even some passengers! I'm surprised he was still walking. If some fool urinated on me on a bus I'd stomp his ass right then and there! I follow the officer as he turns onto a side street and stops by a guy coming from a dead end. The guy says he has no idea where he is but that his partner dropped him off to meet some woman that he has no name nor address for. I ask him if he was on the bus and he says "I didn't do nothing to nobody!" That's not what I ask. I suspect this is him. I tell him he's going to be brought back to the bus and identified and he still acts dumb! Well maybe he wasn't acting! We bring him back and come to find out, it's him!

I finally get my dinner and try to lay low the rest of the night. I make two traffic stops on people who were both weaving. I suspected they would be intoxicated but one was just learning to drive and the other was just, well I guess old. No offense.
Today was a really nice day. It was clear and sunny. Aside from the cold weather I might have considered sneaking off to the beach.

I get an angry call from a woman asking how to file a complaint on an officer. I hate these calls because I feel I'm being set up. I imagine they are recording the call and doing some news story about cooperative (or not) police agencies are to people who want to complain. So I start asking for details and this woman cannot make sense. She claims she is being harassed and stalked by persons unknown. She puts her husband on the phone who says they are being harassed by a bunch of their neighbors one of them an officer. However they don't know who the officer is or what agency he works for. So I tell him how he can file a complaint when he has the name and agency of the officer in question. I try to get more details. He insists the band of neighbors against him are KKK. I kind of point out the obvious that they don't like their neighbors so they are looking to file complaints. He didn't like that. He said they are both "black pastors" (his words not mine) and they hate nobody. I'm sorry I don't believe that for a moment. Some of the most intolerant, racist people I've had to deal with have been pastors. In my opinion a bunch of con artists!

As I'm heading down the road I see an officer with a car on traffic in a parking lot. I stop to see if I can help him out and he has two guys in the car. I cover the passenger side and hear the officer ask where they are coming from and ask to search the car. He gets told no. I don't know many hoods who give permission anymore. Come to find out the driver has a suspended license so he gets arrested. He thinks he's being arrested for refusing consent to search. He couldn't grasp the fact that his license is suspended. I look up and notice the passenger is unexpectedly out of the car. He wants to leave so he gets put in the backseat as well. The officer has it from there so I leave and turn right into a major accident. A car load of teens made a turn and got hit hard. They all went to the hospital.

As I leave that scene they broadcast a stolen officer's personal vehicle with his police jacket and his duty weapon. That's got to suck. I try not to leave my gun in the car but sometimes you really don't have a choice. About ten minutes later it is cancelled after it was learned it was just towed. So the officer was careless and parked it where he shouldn't.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I've been lapse the past few days so I'll try to go over the highlights:

A man calls and claims he found a shoe box with 8 newborn puppies that were left on his front porch in the cold, rainy weather. When the officer arrived two had already died and the other 6 were on their way out. The man who called said he wasn't "an animal person." I'm willing to bet he has a dog that just gave birth and he put them on his own porch and called. After all, why would someone leave them on his porch? I understand his attitude was aloof about the whole thing. Too bad I can't prove it or I'd be looking to charge him with animal cruelty. The officer took it upon himself to warm the surviving puppies and the animal rescue came out and got them which is good.

We receive a call to a church about a possibly homeless and mentally ill female. The first call said the pastor was talking to her. I thought that was enough. I thought churches were supposed to be a beacon of help and pastors should be experienced at dealing with all kinds of people. They called an ambulance and disregarded us. Cool, problem solved. About twenty minutes later the ambulance calls back saying they need help with the woman. I get there first and find a woman standing next to the paramedic shaking. Well it is cold! Getting her name is like pulling teeth. She is giving some African first name but no last name and no address. She mumbled that her boyfriend beat her up and threw her out of their house a long time ago. The pastor says she came into the church and grabbed him to make him listen to her. Then she went to the restroom where she undressed and washed herself. He decided handling her was above his head. We wound up taking her to the psych hospital where they recognized her as a patient. Why am I not surprised?

I drove past two people in the middle of the road standing outside their vehicles looking at their cars. That means only one thing, the car behind hit the one in front. I pull in behind them and make sure everyone is okay. A young man tapped the woman in front of him. I get both of their licenses and tell them to move to the cars into a nearby parking lot. I do this in case if one of them flees I know who they are and filing charges will be no problem. It's never happened to me but it has happened to others. I find that there is hardly any damage and neither party wanted a report so it's all good. The young man is apologetic. He said his two year old daughter was in the backseat whining so he turned to looked at her, turned around and saw the light turn green, but didn't see the woman in front of him moving so instinct took over and he hit his gas and her. Oops! Poor guy trying to calm his kid down and look what happens. Hell of a nice guy I'm glad it worked out for him.

I run a juvenile party call. I hate these for so many reasons to list. I get there and find cars parked on both sides of the road and teenagers walking around the sidewalks lost. When they see me half of them quickly turn and head towards their cars. Gives me an idea on how to handle this. I get out and walk up to some more teens and suggest they go somewhere else. I quickly figure out which house the party is and learn the owners are out of town. So either they left their teenage kid or all these people broke in. I walk up the side of the house and peek through the fence and see the all too familiar image of teens and beer cans. I walk up the other side and into the back yard and teens go running into the house. Since nobody bothered to shut the door I took that as an open invitation and walked right in. I managed to find a few teens who didn't mind my company (i.e. didn't run away). Since they were being cool with me and all the dunderheads were running and I was by myself and didn't feel like chasing shadows. I had them clean up the mess and pour all the alcohol down the drain which they did. I found the kid who lived there. I made him my new friend (since I had his future in my hands at the moment). I convinced him to tell anyone else who called or showed up that his party was over and the mean ole police were looking for a reason to bust him (it wasn't true I was giving him a way out so he could save face). When it was done I left and that neighborhood was quiet the rest of the night and nobody got arrested.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We checked up on the drunk from yesterday. The DA's office dismissed the resisting arrest charge. Their reasoning was that he was too drunk and exhausted from assaulting his family he had no idea the officer was trying to arrest him. Never mind that the statute says if the officer is in uniform the actor is presumed to know it is an officer and she was giving lawful orders that he ignored. I hate to say it, but some ADAs need to be crime victims and maybe then they will understand their shortcomings in reason. My favorite is the ADA who refused to prosecute a wanted felon who used his 10 year old daughter as a human shield when detectives went to arrest him and then he fled leaving his daughter behind. Sometimes I feel the DA's office is selective which victims they will pursue justice for.

An officer was involved in an accident today. Fortunately nobody was hurt. A teenager, not paying attention came out of a parking lot and got hit.

An inept mother who is afraid of her daughter having sex sends us to check on her while she is at her boyfriend's house. The mother has no sense to ground her daughter and take her car from her because she doesn't want her daughter riding the bus to school! She was told to be a mother! She didn't like that!

An old fool attends his neighborhoods HOA meeting to complain about black people in the neighborhood. He was upset that the black officer who was called there was not offended by him in the least so he storms out of the meeting and sends an angry email saying he will refuse to attend any further meetings if that black officer still patrols that district. That is great! He will keep his racist ass at home and wallow in his own hatred!

I got "volunteered" to attend what I was told was a flood control management meeting. Come to find out that is not what it was. So I sent a text message to a friend asking her to entertain me. She replies asking if she looks like a dancing monkey. I send a text back saying I was thinking more of her putting on clown makeup. I'm waiting to see if that ends up on her blog!
I read an interesting report. Family members sent officers to check on an elderly relative. They found the house all locked up, no sign of flies on any of the windows and no foul odors. These are the typical signs that there is a dead body in the house. However many family members and friends are outside adamant that the elderly relative has to be inside. So the officers make forced entry and find the man face down on a bathroom floor. He is dying, but still alive. So they quickly load him onto an ambulance and rush him to the hospital. Good call!

It was mostly a quiet night up until the end when a lady officer gets on the air shouting then suddenly falls silent. I'm about 15 miles away but I start heading that way. Units that are closer start hauling tail to get there. By the time I get there it is long over. I find out a drunk man decided he was going to take his baby and leave. Well his family tries to stop him so he assaults all of them and winds up hurting his own kid (not majorly though). We have to take him out of the car to search him properly. I feel it only fair to give him fair warning if he tries to nut up on us his night will be a lot worse. In his drunken state he takes offense to this and curses at us. We place him against the car to search him and he wants to turn and argue about how we're violating his rights and we don't have to be mean to him and that he's a human being. Now he's drunk so he's not going to listen to reason (or come to the realization that he's dead wrong) yet that didn't stop me from pointing out that he assaulted three women and a child so his feeble attempts to redeem his manhood are gone. That seemed to offend him even more. When we were done with the search I told him to get back in the car but he still wanted to argue. So I had to help him into the car. Later on when he got to the jail they discovered he gave a false name to hide six warrants he had for his arrest. What a damn loser!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For some reason I decided to create a Facebook profile so I did. If you want to add me as a friend be my guest.