Sunday, October 11, 2009

From the "What Were They Thinking Files"

A man driving an ugly ass VW was stopped on traffic. He had a suspended license and open warrants. So naturally he was going to jail. He gets taken out of the car and told to "put his hands on the car" which I really hate. After refusing two commands he takes off running. The officer yells for back up and it comes. Another officer cuts off the suspect and tackles him to the ground where the fight continues. The suspect attempted to take the officer's pistol which got him a whiff of OC pepper spray and the fight was over! Of course by the time I got there it was all said and done. I was listening to the man's protest about being treated unfairly! I couldn't believe my ears. This guy ran, fought, tried to take an officer's pistol, and is now protesting his treatment. I asked him why he ran to start with. He said he didn't want to go to jail. I politely remind him that is where he is going now and I remind him that it is his fault he is in this mess. Of course he suffers from the denial of responsibility mentality that many crooks suffer from. Nothing is his fault, he's just a victim of mean old policemen!

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Texas Ghostrider said...

Yep it is the cop's fault. If that cop didn't stop him on traffic he could be home smoking a fatty and drinking a cold one, hating laws have it out for us common folk who just trying to make it. The cop probably forgot to say "please" when he went to arrest him.