Monday, October 18, 2010

The fight at school didn't end at school. Later on it carried over into a fast food joint parking lot this time one of the participants weilding a baseball bat. As an officer approached them they jump out of a car and skate away leaving their friend holding the bat, literally. Come to find out the car is stolen. While officers are cleaning up that mess some teenage punk decided to show off for his friends. So he walks into the middle of the swarm of officers and tells them they can't do anything to him and said "f*** y'all toy cops!" He was proven wrong. After his friends all went home he started crying on the way to jail.

Two sisters got into a argument. When one sister told the other that she's setting a fine example for her son that sets her off. She breaks a toothbrush in half and uses it to slice her sister in the back. She tried resisting the first officer on the scene then demanded to speak to his supervisor about how she was treated. Needless to say the supervisor didn't want to hear it!

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