Thursday, November 4, 2010

A man is found slumped over in his trunk on a residential street. When officers arrive and open the door they discover he is dead. Powder cocaine is found on his shirt and on the floorboard. Kind of obvious what happened.

Someone touched off a shotgun firing bird shot at someone's house. I hope this isn't a new mischievous recreation among really stupid teenagers.

Traffic was backed up on a major freeway courtesy of an accident involving an officer from another agency. His supervisor was not pleased.

A drunken, homeless man wheels his way back onto the premises of a convenience store he has been repeatedly warned to stay away from. When the officer arrives he confronts the bum who starts giving him a problem. The bum refuses to show any identification. The officer finally decides to arrest him. The bum becomes really agitated and screams, curses, tries to kick out the window. One leg is immobilized so the good leg is restrained. After that he just talks a bunch of noise and insults at officers.

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