Saturday, February 5, 2011

This incident is terrible because;

1-This isn't an innocent kid. He's a burglar. He steals from the taxpayers that will eventually have to pay him for his "pain and suffering." One little thug was heard in a store saying "man I wish da police would beat my ass I need to get paid!"

2-Make the job harder on the rest of us. Smart asses will use this as a reference when dealing with us.

3-Give race baiting "ministers" and news outlets more ammunition.

4-Because of overactive adrenaline rushes and overactive desires for justice some people who actually contributed to society forfeited their livelihoods (and possibly their freedom) over a worthless burglar.

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Beat And Release said...

I'm all for having a little street justice dispensed once in a while, but when the suspect stops resisting, we MUST de-escalate. It isn't easy to do, thanks to adrenaline, but we have to be able to make sound decisions with it coursing through our veins. That is the only way to last 20-30 years in this job.