Friday, March 18, 2011

People should really be careful what they send out via text message. A young man got into an argument with his wife who grabbed the kids and left for Dallas. He sent out text messages implying he was going to take a lot of pills and end it. Officers show up and cannot get him to answer the door. Fearing he is dying inside the house they force their way in and find him asleep. They were also told he had weapons so naturally they handcuffed him for safety. He was upset and said he sent those messages trying to elicit sympathy and get his wife to return. He didn't think she would call us.

A fight breaks out at a late night restaurant between two groups of customers. A drunk hit a woman knocking her out. Then as her crowd rushes to her aid he pulls out a gun and fires shots, alerting the officer across the street. The man tried to get away and got rid of the gun (he was a convicted felon) but was caught and arrested.

There is a man going around robbing drug stores late at night. He hit two in the same night.

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