Tuesday, April 12, 2011

History does repeat itself. A young man held officers at bay by barricading himself with a club in his room. After an hour of talking he surrendered. It was later learned that about a month earlier he did the same thing and had to be removed by the SWAT team. I fear it's a matter of time before he does the same thing again and eventually he, or someone else will get hurt or killed.

A disturbance outside a household gets police called. Apparently someone shoots off a gun and a fight ensues. It's all over dope so there is nobody to feel sorry for in this. One of the parties goes to the hospital where his boys show up to support him. Sadly they are carrying the dope when they are caught.

A man sits at a green light as an officer is on his way to lunch. The man admits to drinking 8 beers. That's pretty honest of him usually they only say 2.

A woman gets into a fight with her husband at a local motel room. She calls police and is waiting nearly an hour when an officer from another agency shows up to the restaurant next to the hotel having no idea. She approaches him as officers from the agency she called arrive to go eat in the restaurant leaving the other agency's officer to deal with their call. I have no respect for officers who pull that.

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