Friday, June 24, 2011

Sometimes officers ought not to be in such a hurry to get to the call to miss something along the way. We were responding to a car burglary in progress. I was so focused on getting to the location that I completely missed the burglar inside another car about four houses down from the target house. I arrive and look for the unit that was behind me only to see him a block away. I'm standing in the street wondering what is he doing down there. Then he gets on the radio saying he has a suspect on the ground! Oh hell! I run down the block to find him on top of a teenager. He's taken into custody and we find stolen property. I can't believe I drove right past him! I'm kicking myself (mentally) and turn my head and spot his partner hiding in some bushes. So I snatch her up and arrest her. Redemption!

I come in off my weekend and learn the next three weekends are stepped up DWI enforcement. We're told to be attentive. That first night I managed to catch an illegal alien driving on the wrong side of the road drunk.

An officer is sitting in the parking lot of a cantina. He spots a man stumbling drunk through the parking lot almost getting hit by a car. The officer goes to stop the man (another illegal alien) who turns and attacks the officer. Fortunately the officer wasn't hurt and the man is subdued and arrested.

911 gets a disturbing call. A woman dumps her boyfriend over the phone. Not able to handle it he shoots himself where she can hear it. Now she will have to live with that memory for the rest of her life.

For the past year we've had a bulletin about being on the look out for a serial arsonist. Apparently he got caught starting another fire and chased by officers. He ran onto a highway overpass and looked back then jumped off plunging himself to his death.

We were all watching the news when Liberty County sheriff's deputies received a tip from a psychic saying there were numerous dismembered bodies buried on a rural property. After finally obtaining a search warrant (though I wonder how a tip from a psychic would convince a judge to sign off on a warrant) they found nothing resembling Rob Zombie's house of 1000 corpses. On camera they say they had to investigate, in private I'm sure they are fuming about the public embarrassment.

In the span of a week I made two crashed where a car lost control and went into a residence. Fortunately nobody was hurt and amazingly neither driver was drunk.

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