Monday, August 15, 2011

There is a violent group of carjackers running around. They operate on the west side mainly. We thought we had them one night when they took an Iphone in a vehicle that was left on. The victim got on his home computer and tracked his phone until an officer spotted a vehicle coming out of a restaurant and gave chase. The vehicle pulled into a parking lot and four teenagers spill out running. Three of the four were caught, the oldest one was 16 years old!

The next day another group of carjackers tried to rob a woman of her car however it wouldn't start. So they run around the corner and rob another woman of her car. The next night that car is used in a drive by shooting.

An officer stops a guy for a traffic violation who is found to have an open felony warrant. The felon knows his only chance is to fight. So he waits for the officer to try to arrest him then attacks. The felon almost gets the upper hand but help arrives just in time. The officer is out injured for a couple of weeks.

An officer responds to a family disturbance. The 20 something son who is high on something attacks the officer. The father tries to intervene buts get a bloody nose for his efforts. The "kid" is finally brought under control.

A wrecker driver decided to run from an officer. Problem for him is the wrecker tows from many police scenes so they already know who he is. The wrecker abandons his truck and gets away. In a demonstration of his lack of sense he calls the station a couple of hours later to report his truck stolen. He is told to come to the station to file a report. Guess what he does! Yep! He comes to the station and is surprised he is arrested.

My partner and I are eating dinner when several officers from an agency with concurrent jurisdiction show up to eat. We say hello and get a gruff reply. If I remember correctly these are the guys that dumped a call on me by pretending they didn't know about it. So after I handled their call (and arrested their suspect) I had a chat with their sergeant who had a chat with them. I hear their radio drop a "hot call." Only one officer gets up and responds, the rest remain eating! My partner and I look at each other in amazement! Surely these guys back up...well guess not! Yet these guys think they are the elite.

Same agency stops a guy on traffic and let him go. Not but a few minutes later, this intoxicated, 20 year old illegal immigrant in a vehicle with grinding brakes (but expensive rims and stereo system) goes on to drive the wrong way and almost hits another officer head on. So once again we clean up elite police departments laziness!

While exiting the freeway I see two cars lined up, engines revving! These two are about to race. I stop and watch thinking surely they will see me and simply drive off very slowly. Nope! They gun it and speed off. I pull both of them over and arrest them for racing. Both of them have been arrested for racing before, they just can't seem to get the hint!


Deputy's Wife said...

Good thing you have job security...and always will!

Anonymous said...

Where are all the stories where you scream at women who misunderstand vague traffic directions given by a cop at a construction site; the stories where you throw a man to the floor and split his head open because you thought he was shoplifting when he wasn't; where you slam a football fan to the hood of a car because he didn't jump out the way fast enough when you approached - the many ego maniacal acts of American cops these days; many of which I have witnessed.