Sunday, September 18, 2011

A minivan blatantly runs a red light in front of me. When I stop him he tells me he is a doctor and was paged by his hospital. I looked into it and learn it's more of an outpatient clinic so it's not imperative he get there ASAP. The last guy that used this excuse I proved was lying to me and got several citations. I really didn't feel like writing a citation so I warned him and cut him loose.

For whatever reason a guy ran down three people in his vehicle. I want to say they know who he is and got him but I didn't get the latest update.

In another side of town and husband and wife get into a fight. He hits her, she stabs him. Turn about is fair play isn't it?

A neighbor calls in after finding a young child wandering the street. Mommy and daddy are sleeping off their highs. They are arrested and charged.

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*Goddess* said...

I wonder what kind of life some of these small kids have these days with drug addicted parents. It's sad.