Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An elderly man having suffered two strokes gets up to adjust the home thermostat when challenged by his 45 year old son. The son gets angry and assaults his father. The son leaves before we get there. His wife is trying to shut him up talking to us. We felt this would be a good charge to file but oddly enough the DA's office didn't want to touch it even though the ADA said "if I had the authority I'd tell you guys to kill him!" Yet he didn't want to take the charge.

In a display of utter stupidity a drunk got upset with an off duty officer and started a road rage incident. The drunk chased the officer into a parking lot and challenged him. The drunk had no idea he had chased down and officer until he got out of his car. The drunk tried to apologize and back track but it was too late. He found himself facing a reckless driving and possession of controlled substance case.

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Mad Jack said...

Okay, I'm eaten with curiosity. Why was the DA opposed? This sounds like a good bust to me, especially with the ADA sounding off like that.

Did you ever find out what the deal was?