Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did Channel 13 News Inadvertently Aid in K9's Death?

While spending Christmas I heard a rather disturbing story. We were talking about the recent tragic death of a Harris County Pct.4 police dog. What my source tells me is the K9 handler let his dog off the leash to go after the burglars who ran off into a wooded area. He lost sight of the dog but was listening as the Channel 13 news chopper lowered itself blocking all sound. The handler couldn't hear his dog barking and running through the trees. It makes one wonder had that damn news chopper not been so low off the ground getting its news shot the handler may have heard his dog being attacked. Anyone with experience knows that when dogs fight it is a rather loud occurrence. So it is possible the dog's death struggle was drowned out by the damned news chopper. I told my source I hope his agency is looking into taking action against Channel 13.


*Goddess* said...

When I read that story in the news yesterday, it just turned my stomach. How anyone could murder an innocent animal is beyond me, but to choke him to death?! That takes an especially sick individual.

R.I.P., Bleck.

Anonymous said...

I used to live near Houston. Now I live near Tombstone. huh... made me curious about your blog. I obliterated my blog recently, but I found you from Roller Dudes blog.

Sorry to hear about the dog. jeeze. News at what price? I would have nightmares forever if I lost my dog that way. I certainly hope they investigate.