Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pouting In The Cold

I was coming to the intersection when I noticed a vehicle backing up. I followed it to watch it. I watched it drive in both lanes. Either this person was lost or drunk so I decided to find out which. I pull the vehicle over to find it stuffed with about 7 people. The thing that got my attention was the three year old girl on the lap of an adult. That seriously irritates the hell out of me. They were all headed home and crammed everyone in the car without thinking the 3 year old needing a car seat. I can tell the female driver is going to have an attitude. She isn't looking at me and letting her mother in the passenger seat do all the talking. This also annoys me! The mother isn't driving so I don't need to hear the excuse from her. I ignore her and get the driver's license and wind up writing her two tickets (one for not restraining the child). Then her mother and brother (in the back seat) start talking at once. About this point I've had it yet I keep my cool. I politely tell the mother to be quiet I'm not talking to her. Then the driver, without even looking at me tells me she isn't signing. I think I actually grinned. She is on her way in meeting this guy's fate. I open the door and she still isn't looking. So I tell her to look at me. Her mother is still talking to I have to tell her to be quiet again as well as her brother. I tell her up front if she doesn't sign I will arrest her. I handed her the pen and dared her to tell me she wasn't going to sign the citations again. I could tell despite her attitude she was going to sign it. She realized I wasn't playing and probably could tell I was hoping she'd give me the reason to slap the handcuffs on her. You would think it ends there but it doesn't. I tell them to find a way to secure the child before driving off. Well this whole family must be dumb. The driver turns off the engine and gets out of the car along with her mother. I'm a little surprised. I wasn't expecting this. I tell her to leave the engine on with the heater for the children in the car. However the driver was too busy pouting she didn't seem to care. I told them they could drive off if they could find a way to secure to the child. However the pouting driver and her mother wanted to get out of the car and acted like they wanted nothing to do with it. The brother wound up driving away leaving his mother and sister. They called for a ride to come pick them up. The pouting driver walked away in the cold weather. Oh well she's free to go. If she wants to freeze while pouting that's her problem not mine. The ride finally arrived and picked up the mother. I have no idea if they found the pouting driver. I got back into the warm car and drove off.

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Ann T. said...

Dear Tenderfoot,
Good God! There's got to be a bumper sticker for this one.

Ann T.