Monday, August 16, 2010

A crew of burglars has been driving authorities nuts. Or it maybe more than one crew. Sometimes the power is cut off, sometimes they just kick in the door.

Things came to a head for a family with a mentally ill son (adult). Several previous calls to that house left officers few options as in nothing had happened. The son finally wound up in a mental hospital and was released to come home and stab his step father to death.

Another young man with issues wrote a suicide note and left the house after finding out his dad refused to pay for the type of internet connection that would support his world of warcraft. When told my emergency personnel he was going to the hospital he began acting like a possessed demon until he was told it was a medical facility, not a mental ward. I wonder what he did when he found out the truth.
A young man is pulled over with his 3 year old son and girlfriend (not the kid's mother) in the car. The inside of the car reeks of marijuana and the man has a long criminal history. He's arrested because his license is suspended. While waiting on his grandmother to pick up his toddler son and girlfriend, she reaches down and picks up a bag of weed right in front of the officer. She wants to protect him so she winds up going to jail herself ruining her clean record. All for a worthless criminal boyfriend.
A prison guard is stopped for a traffic violation. Her passenger, an ex convict boyfriend. I guess you could say they met at work. Nobody should wonder how inmates get drugs and other contraband.

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