Thursday, August 26, 2010

An officer has been eyeing the same three hoodlums hanging out on the same street corner for months. It's apparent they are selling drugs. He goes to stop one of them who takes off running. The dealer leaps over a car and hops over an 8 foot wall like it's not even there. The officer runs around the wall to find a 2-man unit sitting there doing paperwork. His radio accidentally keys up and we all hear him shouting "how the hell can you sit here and not see that crackhead run right past you!"

A 15 year old gang banger who "borrowed" his mom's car rear ends a guy at an intersection. The gang banger flees and is chased by the guy with his kids in the car. The guy cuts off the gang banger who winds up hitting him again. The gang banger gets arrested for hit & run and the other guy is cited for no driver's license and no insurance.

Officers responded to a call of a suspicious Asian male at an Asian restaurant. Huh?????

Three males robbed a woman at an apartment complex. Two were caught and ratted out the third one who eventually surrendered after a brief stand off.

Three other males committed a home invasion and as they fled a resident shot at their car. After a brief chase and a dog bite later all three were caught and arrested.

A man backs out of a driveway and speeds off while weaving across the road. He stumbles during the sobriety tests and has to be carried into the intox station where he refuses to blow. The video is dark and hard to see. As a result the idiot assistant district attorney prosecuting the case calls the 2nd time drunk driver "sober" and dismisses the case.

An officer runs a license plate and gets a stolen hit. When he tries to stop the vehicle a pursuit ensues in which the suspects strike a car and keep going. He goes to his house where both occupants bail out and are soon caught. The juvenile driver (it is later learned) is being investigated for a rash of burglaries. When a sergeant asks him if he even cares about where his life is going the juvenile felon asks "does it really matter." The sergeant says "son one day you'll end up dead or in prison just another street statistic and you know what? Nobody will give a f*** about you or your life!" He just sat there silent.


Jackie said...

♥ I missed your posts!! Nice to see you back!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, that is probably what he is thinking too.