Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some choices I really hate. I was bored. I'm stuck in a district for the moment that's slow so I decide to stop a car for a minor traffic violation and find four gangbangers in the car all decked out in their "money" or "menace ii society" tattoos. I'm thinking maybe if I dig harder I might find something big but all I had thus far was a ticket and a passenger with a Class C warrant. Then a guy comes running up saying his business' front door is wide open. For some reason my gut tells me to go check out the business and let the gangbangers go for now. I know their car so I'm sure we'll meet again. I check the business and find out the owners accidentally left the door open and fortunately nobody went inside and stole anything. I guess that passenger wasn't meant to go to jail that night.

A woman pulls a knife on another woman saying that someone will die today. The district attorney's office doesn't think that's a prosecutable offense!

A robbery streak is over. A duo had been targeting cell phone stores. After enough robberies and enough information to track them down unmarked units found them and chased them and caught them. Two down, hundreds more robbers to go!

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Texas Ghostrider said...

job security for us all! be safe and stay safe my friend!