Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two guys came up with the idea to rob cell phone stores. They've been hitting stores for about a month but today their luck ran out. They hit a store and got away with little money. Later on in the evening they were caught by officers who chased them into a dead end and were caught. Their spree is over.

A young man with a wife and kids lived the ghetto lifestyle dealing drugs. He spent most of the day selling marijuana in an particular apartment complex when the wrong person got into his car and put two bullets into him killing him. His partner dutifully ran off not wanting to "be involved." Just another street statistic that nobody will care about.

A man despondent that his girlfriend dumped him. So he called officers over to "talk about life" and stated he wanted to die. So he got his wish and got transported to the psychiatric hospital. Clearly he wanted help or else he wouldn't have called.

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