Monday, October 31, 2011

While helping change a flat tire a drunk strikes an officer with his car. Fortunately the officer heard him coming and was able to turn his body deflecting the blow somewhat. At least the drunk was kind enough to get out and check on the officer after striking the disabled vehicle. The officer is at home resting up. He'll be back thankfully.

Anyone watching the news the are has been having a lot of hit and run accidents as of late. The usual culprits are drunk and/or illegal aliens.

The past two weeks have been slow. Before that I was rather busy. Mostly drunk drivers and two drunks trying to stumble home. Sadly the drunker of the pair stumbled into the street in front of my patrol car. A surefire way to attract attention.

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Mad Jack said...

I'm glad the officer wasn't seriously injured or killed. I hate dealing with drunks.

'scuse me occifers, but I was jus' wunnering if I was too dunk, drunk, to dive... drive home. Oh wait... I think I'm gonna ralph or summptn'.

Then you get the inevitable "You can't arrest me because I'm walking, not driving."