Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mother of the year. A drunk woman crashes her car into a house. When officers arrive she tells them she was on her way home from the bar. Then they as about the baby in her car. Her response was "there is a baby?"
The woman had her child with her. Last I heard someone told her to play suicidal and a doctor is trying to keep her out of jail by keeping her in the hospital.

A young man is found masturbating in his car next to a motel used by prostitutes. I can find many better things to do then get drunk, park where I can see prostitutes, and crank one off.

A woman is found asleep at a green light. When an officer wakes her up she tells the officer "f*** you" and drives off. She ended up in jail.

We get called by CPS to meet them. They are investigation child abuse allegations. His step father is a known meth user and hostile towards officers. I couldn't wait to meet him. I was hoping he would slip up and earn a free ride downtown. However he knew the game and taunted us just below the level of probable cause. Oh well we shall try again.

I love it when drunk drivers make it easy for me. He swerves, stumbles, and blows double the legal limit. Easy!

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