Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Was This Guy Thinking?

I was minding my own business. I was driving down a well traveled street when the car in front of me darted into another lane without signalling. Okay, no big deal. We keep driving then he does it again. Okay, let me keep watching. He does it again a couple more times. That is one of my pet peeves. I hate it when someone cuts in and out of lanes without signalling. So, I decide to pull him over. I was planning on politely reminding him to use that signal and give him a warning. I walk up to the car and he's already on the offensive. He rants about harassment, and I'm not a good man and a bad cop! Huh? This guy is cutting in and out of lanes without signalling, passing other cars and I'm no good? What kind of twisted logic is this? He gets on his phone and starts talking and ignoring everything I'm saying. This is not good. On top of that he doesn't have his insurance with him. I go back to my car and start writing the tickets. I get back up and he's still on the phone. He then tells me he's not signing the ticket. I ask for back up in case he decides to back up his threat with force. I keep my cool and go through the motions getting information then the line about signing his promise to appear. He says no! I tell him to get out of his car quite a few times but he ignores me until I open his door and tell him one last time. If he ignores me this time it's hands on. He must have realized I was serious because he gets out of the car. At this point I can arrest him now for refusing to sign the citation. However I feel it's fair I give him one warning. He's still running his fu***** mouth about how I'm a bad cop, not a good man, and he isn't signing his ticket. While he's still running his mouth I tell him if he doesn't sign it he's going to jail. He says "I don't care arrest me!" Do I need to keep talking to him or is the time for talking over? Yep! You guessed it! I grab his arms and handcuff him. At this point another vehicle pulls in and a woman gets out. I presume it's his wife with his insurance. I know where this is going. So as I handcuff and search him I tell her to wait by her vehicle and I actually thank her. I'm thinking ahead if this goes to internal affairs he will say that I shouted and cursed at her. Turns out I was right, she did have his insurance. So I knock off the no insurance charge which leaves him with the fail to signal lane change and violate promise to appear charges. Plus, I'm committed. I've already arrested him. Too many times officers have arrested people for refusing to sign the citations then talk them into signing and letting them ago only to have the guy come in later and make a false arrest complaint. He must have realized he'd gone too far because then he starts claiming he doesn't speak English! Great! Again I'm thinking ahead. If he goes to internal affairs he's going to claim he didn't understand what I was telling him and that I was mean, harsh, and an a****** who was biased against him because he didn't speak English! That's why I wrote a detailed report quoting what he said to me. He may not speak English fluently but he knew damn well enough to tell me I'm a bad man, no good, and he isn't signing the citation. I don't understand why wanted to make my job, and his life difficult. What did he think he was going to accomplish?


voyeur36 said...

Some people. I bet if someone cut him up he woould be pissed. Especially since he is so 'important'

Rorschach said...

Betcha the insurance was either no longer in force, or had been taken out that month and they wouldn't make another payment and let it expire. also betcha he had multiple identities and was illegal. And may have had warrants under a different name or possibly a deportation order.

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Anonymous said...

You did everything right.

Nothing you could have done once the jewelery was on him, normal people understand that.

Part of the job, brother.

Jackie said...
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