Saturday, June 26, 2010

A resident called about three teens smoking marijuana. Can't be that bright to do it where someone sees them and gets caught. One of them is the son of an officer. Oh well! All cops have black sheep in their families.

In the middle of the night someone blasted a shotgun into a residence. Nobody was hurt!

A man is released from jail and has no money. So he takes his xanax and inadvertently finds a plain clothes officer. He tries to sell the officer the xanax and winds up right back in jail!

Officers are called to look for a missing 2-year old child. The parents are understandably frantic. The child is soon found hiding behind a couch in the house!

My supervisor gets lucky. He is maxed out on vacation time and needs to burn a day. So he picks a Saturday. He tells his wife he will be off and she asks why did he choose that particular date. Then it struck like lightning. That day is his anniversary! He had forgotten. Without missing a beat he said he wanted to take her somewhere nice for their anniversary and she melted. Talk about smooth!!!!!

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Capt. Schmoe said...

That's why the sooth talker is a Sergeant!