Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two women are involved in a car crash. They both tell officers that a car hit them and knocked them into a tree. Problem is neither one can give any information about the other vehicle. Also, the only visible damage is from the side of the car that hit the tree! There should be damage on another part of the vehicle from the hit & run car. I don't believe them. I think they lost control of the car, hit the tree, and made up the phantom car!

Two officers respond to an alarm at a business. They enter through the back door which closed and automatically locked. The officers found themselves locked in the place for about 30 minutes until a phone number was found for someone to tell them the code to the electronic lock.


Beat And Release said...

I did this once after a hurricane hit. I entered a bank building with blown out windows to make sure it still secure, went through an interior door and ended up locked in. Thankfully the phones were still working (no cell phones then) and I was able to call dispatch. My captain arrived and rescued me. Took a while to live that down.

Beat And Release said...

BTW, thanks for that memory. I had forgotten all about that incident until I read your post. :)

*Goddess* said...

You're a cop. You should know by now that trees jump out in front of people all the time!