Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was reminded why it's probably good that I don't have kids. I was the third to arrive on a family disturbance. As I'm walking up to the house one of the officers is leading a teen aged boy out of the house by his arm. The boy, clearly agitated, is venting about how his cell phone didn't get a message about a party. So he comes downstairs yelling at his mother about why can't they BUY HIM a "decent" phone. Then he proceeds to kick furniture and throw things around. Then he says this "I have anger management issues and am on medication!" I stare a hole into him. What he needs is his little butt whooped! He wants his dad arrested because he grabbed him and pulled him away from his mom after calling her a "c*nt!" I know, stellar son right! I tell the kid essentially he isn't owed anything and his temper is going to get him in big trouble one day. I'm sure it went in one ear and out the other. That's time one day he will be 17 and we can take him to big boy jail and see how his anger management issues earn him friends there.

As if to continue the "boys behaving badly" streak a frantic woman calls saying her boyfriend was laying in their bedroom stabbed. I'm the second unit on the scene. I pull my weapon out since we have no idea if the stabber is still there. The first unit is knocking on the door and I hear a frantic woman shout "I'm coming!" Not fast enough, I'm getting ready to start kicking in the door when she finally opens. We rush inside and find her boyfriend in the back bedroom. A small, frightened dog is backed into the corner barking at us. We look over the boyfriend but he isn't stabbed, he's drunk and playing games. Too bad he wasn't outside when we arrived. What a jackass!!!!!

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Mad Jack said...

His anger management issues should have been address ten years ago, mainly by teaching him what to do rather than what not to do.

He's being medicated, alright. Self-medicated. Back in the bad old days he could have enlisted in the armed forces. Army would be a good choice for him. They used to have a special program designed to apply to everyone which was guaranteed to adjust a poor attitude into a new and pleasing configuration.

I don't know how things are now, though. Short term, your way is best. At least you'll get his attention.