Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's that time of year and the new Air Jordans are out. Now I have no idea what the hell is so special about Jordans except the name. They are popular with the urban culture people. One year I had to go to a almost-near riot at a mall. The reason was people were lined up to get the new shoes and began acting foolish. We were swarmed with hostile people trying to keep order. I had one hand covering my gun. My biggest fear was one of them trying to take it from me. This year we get the same crap! Part of me says let them destroy property then maybe these retailers will find a safer way to sell these shoes.

A young man is spotted breaking into a home. When officers arrive he flees and is knocked to the ground by a citizen. The burglar fights with officers the whole time. Even on the way to jail he slips his handcuffs and starts kicking the window. The officer pulls over (on a major Check Spellinginterstate) and the fight resumes. Fortunately nobody is hurt and the burglar goes to jail where he belongs.

A man is found bleeding like a stuck pig on a darkened street. He claims he was robbed by some thugs wanting money for marijuana. He says he was attacked several miles from where he was found and "someone" drove him out there. Which means he is lying or there was someone spending some time at the car wash getting all the blood out of their passenger seat.

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