Friday, December 10, 2010

It was just me at the helm today. I finished what was left of the paperwork then hit the streets. I felt an urge to stay in a district mostly filled with affluent residents many of whom have mental problems and take medication. They make for some amusing drama. I drove around the district at least twice and the radio barely chirped. Then a call comes. Someone accusing their neighbor of smoking dope in the back yard. I get there and walk up to the fence and find three girls eating pizza. No pipes, residue, paraphernalia, nor smell of dope. I call the reportee and all he says is "I don't know." I get the sense he is a moron trying to get someone in trouble so I hang up on him and leave.

Then an accident goes out. I get there first to find a guy who is confused and has to be told to stay in one place and quit wandering. The other guy we learn tries to drive off. We end up arresting him for hit and run.

While we're dealing with that we get a call that a man with about 5 warrants from 3 different counties is at the hospital. Other units get there after he is left. Of course the hospital staff have their administrative rules and refuse to tell us where he lives. I need to find that nurse that works there who I took a drunk prisoner off her hands. I'm sure she would tell me where the guy lives.

Two guys decide to go down the freeway breaking into cars in parking lots along the way. Sadly for them they get caught and an officer sees them in a restaurant parking lot about to hit again. They get onto the freeway thinking they will get away. I'm waiting for them and get behind them and the officer following. We do a high risk stop right there on the busy freeway. Cars are speeding past as we take cover and point our guns at the occupants. We find stolen property in their car and arrest both.

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