Friday, November 11, 2011

My Thoughts on Corrie Long

I read this story with great interest. Now granted I don't have all the facts. However I feel the man who had the racy pictures of her deeply violated her trust. Police officers are human with human failings. They are susceptible to all the joys and pains of life including love. In this case two fellow officers shared a romance that ended badly. In spite the man sent private pictures for him to his chief (which maybe a violation of PC 21.15) who allegedly had them laid out on his desk to embarrass Ms. Long. Her "crime" is she took semi nude pictures of herself. Now while most people won't admit it a large number of the population have at one time or another sent or taken nude pictures of themselves. In many cases it has come back to haunt them (ask Anthony Wiener). I surely hope that's not why this chief got rid of her because I'm sure he has plenty of skeletons in his closet (as most old time cops have). What she does off duty should stay off duty and should never have come into the department. In my opinion she should have told the chief "all due respect that is a private matter and I refuse to discuss it unless you serve me with a signed complaint." I also think she should have made them fire her rather than be bullied into resigning. I'll be paying attention to this suit to see how it pans out. In response the chief is counter suing.

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