Friday, November 11, 2011

Nail Biting....

Precinct 6

Precinct 7

Harris County constables have to be biting their nails. I mean the actual constables, not the people that work in those offices. The majority of those deputies/civilians are hard workers and do so without the civil service protection that sheriffs and Houston police enjoy. However both of those agencies have had their share of bad press as of late yet for some reason constables are treated in the media as the red headed step children (and by other agencies as well). When the county had to slash its budget the only law enforcement cuts were the constables offices that laid off many good people while giving the sheriff's department more money yet the sheriff's office continues to have deputies busted for misconduct. If you look at Channel 13's interactive page (which I have to admit Dolcefino despite his criminal and shady past did a good job) there are 8 badge icons. So far 3 are open leaving 5 more. There are 8 constables offices. Who is next?

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