Monday, November 21, 2011

Dispatch broadcasted an unknown vehicle with heavy front end damage and human matter in the grill. They had to shut down a major freeway due to a fatal crash.

A man follows a drunk driver and calls police. An officer catches up to them and stops the drunk. The caller decides after giving his information and statement that he doesn't want to cooperate or get involved. However the officers panic and call the DA's office who panics in turn not wanting to take the case. After some teeth pulling and irritation by the sergeant the two time drunk goes to jail. I guess neither the officer nor the assistant DA realize that people can be compelled to come to court and compelled to testify.

An officer spots smoke coming from an apartment complex. I go down there expecting the complex in flames. Turns out just a dumpster fire. Big whoop!

After leaving that I find a vehicle sitting in the street with the door open and no lights on. Being between two apartment complexes known for drug dealing I turn around and approach and car (gun at my hip) only to find a stranded photographer and his drunk friend. He was hauling a** and hit either the curb or a pothole and bent two rims. Again, big whoop!

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