Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cantina's Back

I found out an old cantina nemesis is back in business under a new name. Some officers like to go visit it and wait for drunks to come out. The cantina is a haven for underage drinking, prostitution, and drug sales and use. For years we have been trying to get the place shut down permanently. We manage to get it temporarily shut down but it manages to come back. Had I only known at the time I had the bar owner I would have found a reason to arrest him. I used to sit up on it and got some drunk drivers, some possession of cocaine, warrants, and weapons out of it.

A friend of mine tells me he sees a guy and a hooker come out of the club and get into a car and "act funny." So they walk up to the car and sure as hell there is a bag of cocaine in plain view by the man. He was planning on snorting cocaine and "gettin his freak on" with the hooker. He goes for possession of cocaine and she goes for public intoxication. I guess you have to be intoxicated in the daytime to live the life she lives.

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