Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let's See If I'm In Trouble

We get calls about three guys running through the neighborhood. We learn these guys robbed a woman at a nearby mall and were fleeing through the neighborhood. Other officers are traversing a bayou after sunset. I get there to help out when an angry woman calls wanting to know why it took 15 minutes to show up, and why weren't we running lights and sirens. Well, first off, it only took 8 minutes from the time the call came in to when the first officer arrived. Second, nobody knew these were robbery suspects, the original call was guys running down the street. I volunteer to go meet the woman who has been drinking and has an attitude. Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant conversation and I point out told her she was wrong. So, I'm waiting for the IAD complaint Monday morning and of course they will do their jobs although hopefully they will keep things in perspective.

Update: I talked to the ISD PD Sergeant who said he was going to try and get either kidnapping or endangerment charges against that bus driver. Turns out, she was nowhere near her bus route and they have had several prior complaints on that particular driver. Looks like this was her last straw!

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