Thursday, April 30, 2009

Only a cop would make this joke.

Today I was riding with a partner. We drove past an auto dealership when he says;

"George! Do you remember that drunk who fled to that dealership over there some years back?"

"Yes I do! I was on that scene. I caught up to the chase on the north side of the freeway. That guy went to IAD with a bogus complaint!"

What happened was a guy who worked at that dealership was drunk. An officer went to stop him and the guy fled. He led him on a short chase and turned onto a side road that went up to one of the dealership entrances before it dead ended. He stopped and we did our felony stop. The door swung open and the driver fell out of the truck onto the street. We then rushed him and arrested him. He was mouthy and protesting his arrest. On the way to jail he offered to pay $5,000 to the officer to let him go. Sadly the officer didn't think to try to file that charge on the guy. The guy went to IAD and alleged he was beaten up which was found to be not true. However the department never tried to file perjury charges on him. Most departments are too scared to file charges on people who file false complaints on officers.

Me: "I remember that guy falling out of his truck because he was so drunk! He also offered $5,000 to be released!"

Partner: "Uh uh! I never knew that! I've never had anyone try to bribe me!"

Me: "Me neither! Well once I did have a guy try to allude to it. I had him arrested for something and he made some kind of comment of working something out. Instead of letting him talk and maybe earning himself another charge I told him flat out to shut his mouth because he isn't going to bribe me! Plus, I've never had a woman offer me sexual favors to get out of an arrest or ticket!"

Partner: "Me neither, and that pisses me off!"

Me: "Yeah! Me too! What's up with that!"

***In case you're thinking "a ha gotcha!" Think again, we were kidding!"


Texas Ghostrider said...

yep good looking cops like us the women know they don't have a chance in hell that we would take them up on the offers......right????

Tenderfoot said...

Uh, yeah that's it!