Sunday, September 20, 2009

More From the What Were They Thinking File

The first loud party call was 'routine.' A neighbor calls us complaining about a loud party. Officers make the location and politely tell them that they are too loud and to turn it down and leave. A couple of hours later they are called back to the same location. They go to the back yard to talk to the homeowners. I guess by this time the alcohol has flowed more freely and the husband and wife team scream at the officers. Then they charge them. The wife shoves one officer and screams at him to leave. Well, she's now fu***** up by shoving him so he goes to arrest her. Then the husband, thinking he's defending his wife assaults the officer who promptly takes him to the ground. The wife tries to jump in only to find herself wearing bracelets. They both get arrested and taken to jail. I sure hope their little party was worth it.

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Texas Ghostrider said...

It is amazing how a little alcohol can make one so brave and so stupid. I guess the guest were entertained.