Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Party Experience

After writing the last post, I felt I should share my similar experience with a party call and the reason I hate party calls.

One night got a call of a teenage party. I know it's one of those things that will never go away. So instead of wasting time and energy fighting it I figure there has got to be a happy compromise. So I knock on the door and when someone answers it I put my foot in the doorway to prevent it from being slammed in my face. I politely ask for the resident (the owners i.e. parents are out of town). The young man says he lives there and I flat out tell him I know he's got alcohol in the house and nobody there is 21. He doesn't admit it, but doesn't deny it either. So I tell him I am putting him in charge. He needs to keep the noise down and keep all intoxicated minors in his house. I tell him I will arrest anyone who leaves. He agrees to this. Simply, I'm letting him continue his party as long as he keeps it quiet. As we're reaching this compromise I hear some scuffling on the other side of the fence. I watch as a young man about my height (about 6 ft. 2) come over the fence. He heard the cops were there and is trying to escape. Well, he lands right in front of me and I say "hey Spiderman! No need to run so I suggest you get back on the other side of that fence and chill!" He laughs and says I'm cool and goes back inside. I didn't return to that house that night.

The next night we get a call, same complaint, same location. Okay now I'm irritated. I thought we had an understanding and now I feel like I got taken advantage of. Another officer (now one of my best friends) checks by with me, but he arrives first. As I arrive, I see the other officer shouting at Spiderman from the night before (unbeknownst to me at the time Spiderman shoved him). I get out of the car and can hear Spiderman shouting at him "you said it was cool that we party!" Uh oh! That isn't quite what I said. I can also tell he is drunker than hell. I decide that I'm going to make an example in front of all those party goers and arrest Spiderman. I walk up to him and tell him to come to me but he starts backing into the house. I grab his shirt and he slaps my hand away. Now he's fu**** up! I grab him again and he punches me in the face. How he's really fu**** up! The punch didn't hurt but it did royally piss me off! He then runs into the house (keep in mind he is a guest it is not his house) and I go after him and the fight is on! We're knocking down chairs, breaking lamps, turning over tables! At one point I realized his hand was around my neck! Before my brain synapses could register a counter move my buddy whacks him with a baton so hard that the baton goes flying out of his hand (spraining it). I then wind up with him on a window sill in a choke hold, er, I mean a restraint. The fight ended with that. We put him in the car then my buddy tells me of the previous shoving as he was chasing another kid who tossed a pipe. Amazingly this same dumbass kid was still there protesting his friend's arrest. So, we arrest him and put him in the same car. Then you would think the story ends but someone called dumbass kid's mom who would not leave us alone. So we go to arrest her and the bi*** fights us! She proudly declares she will go to jail with her child. Little did she realize that she goes to another jail because she's a bi***,er, I mean a woman. We're being gentle because it's a middle aged woman, and everyone is out watching this ordeal. One guy takes out his pepper spray and gets ready to use it. Now, at this point we could articulate having to use it, but I know how the perception is going to go and how the administration will react and nit pick. I stop him from using the spray. I have a better idea. I grab one arm, he grabs the other and we twist and lift and drag this lady to a car and throw her in. Problem solved. In the end, the charges against dumbass kid got dismissed, the mom took a plea deal, and Spiderman got probation and had to write a letter of apology to me which I still have.

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Jealous Bitch said...

When did you get punched? Why am I missing these things?