Saturday, November 7, 2009

Couldn't Have Asked For Better Luck

The call was a missing 11-year old autistic child. So I began heading that way. While everyone else was out looking I was planning on checking the house first. Halfway there a woman calls from one of our substations saying she found an autistic child. So I change course and go and turns out it is our missing boy. The woman who found him has an autistic child her self. She saw the child wandering in the street flapping his hands looking confused. She saw the same symptoms she sees in her own child. So, being the decent and caring woman she is she stopped and picked up the child and brought him to our substation. We bring the child's frightened mother who holds him for dear life. The woman invites the mother to join her support group for autism awareness. You couldn't ask for a better ending than that.

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