Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy Rainy Day

I like it when fronts come in. I like the cooler weather and I don't mind a little rain. However I do mind a lot of rain if I have to work in it. It started with me driving back to the station to get started on paperwork. Then I hear the words "rollin' stolen!" That means someone ran a license plate and got a stolen hit on it. I'm just a few blocks away. So I start racing down a wet street trying to catch up to him. By the time I get there about two other units have caught up to him as well. The car stops and all of us jump out with guns drawn. One of the other officers gets on the speaker and does the classic 'felony stop.' I cover the passenger as the female driver is taken out and handcuffed. Then comes the passenger. We clear the car and get to work on the vehicle recovery. We call the car owner and he first says he came out of work to find his vehicle gone. Then when told the name of the woman driving he says he knew her and lent her the damn car! Then we ask why the hell did he even report it stolen and his answer was that she didn't return it when she was supposed to but he didn't want to press charges on her. So of course no sense in wasting the district attorney's time for charges on her. I suggested that we try to file on him, but doubt they would take anything on it. Anyway, we tow the car and send the two walking. While we're doing paperwork we learn this intersection is where school buses stop and drop off kids. So I holster my weapon and help the crossing guard get the kids across.

I leave that scene and head back to the station. I'm behind on paperwork that I need to catch up on. While on the freeway a detective from the next county gets on our radio looking for help. He was sitting on a car of a burglary suspect that lived in our district that was supposedly filled with stolen guns. The car was moving and he wanted one of our units to stop it. Sadly everyone in that district was tied up so we had to send units from adjoining districts which will take time. I hit the gas pedal trying to get that way myself. Although with afternoon traffic in rain I can't go too fast. I'm thinking "great, two felony take downs in an hour span in the friggin rain!" The day gets better and better. By the time I get there another unit caught up to him and they got the occupants in custody. The female passenger has nothing to do with it, she just hangs out with turds. We find a little marijuana in the car and arrest the driver. Then we find stolen property inside the vehicle. So quite a few burglaries are going to get cleared by this pop. I talk to the female and suggest she hang out with better people. She says they are good friends to her and that's all she cares about. So I ask her if it's okay to steal from other people. Of course she says no. Even though her friends are burglars she says that is their choice. In a silly demonstration I snatch her purse and tell her it's my choice to take her purse and it doesn't matter what she thinks. I think it went in one ear and out the other. Oh well.

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