Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Oh You're Good!"

They needed someone with a camera. I had to shake my head. Does anyone in this damn district bother to carry a camera? Apparently not! I get to the house to find an extremely drunk woman with a black eye and busted chin and bruises on her arms. She quit talking when I walked in which isn't a good thing. Come to find out she hadn't even given a complete statement. Everytime someone came into the room (i.e. original officers, EMS) she would stop talking and go off on a rant about her missing dog. This is a clear case of assault family violence. Her roommate (still considered 'family' under Texas law) beat her up and fled the scene. He tried to ride off on his motorcycle but he was so drunk he dropped the bike in its parking space and decided to run on foot. We ask what happened and she says she doesn't want to talk anymore. I have a feeling that she really does love to talk it's just a matter of buttering her up. I get her talking about her dog and then get ready to steer the conversation towards her assault when she quits. She gives this creepy, drunk smile and says "oh you're good!" Damn! Didn't think she'd catch on. Okay, had to try a more direct approach. Finally we got somewhat of a statement out of her. I then go to take pictures of her injuries and she at first refuses. I start again with the chatting until she decides she wants him to see what he did to her. Perfect! I can use that. I shoot some pictures of her face and she tries to grab my camera! Now this isn't department issued. This is MY damn camera with a 4 gig memory card. I spent about $300 on this equipment and I'm not about to let some drunk woman take it out of my hand. For a split moment a thought popped in my head that only someone with a dark sense of humor would appreciate. In that thought I was testifying and the defense attorney asks how one of her eyes was blackened. I answer his client did that. Then he asks how did her other eye got blackened and I answer I did that when she broke my $300 camera! That would be bad! I managed to keep her from doing any harm and then left to tag the photos.

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