Monday, November 30, 2009

Inept Courts Lead to Ambush?

This is one of every officer's worst nightmare. As more of this story unfolds the more it makes one wonder just if justice is truly served. The news is reporting former Arkansas Gov. Ted Huckabee (who has his own Fox show at the moment) let this guy out of prison. Teddy said he agreed with the parole's board crap about him being so young when he went out on his crime spree. Since then this monster just couldn't keep out of jail yet the courts doing what they do best looked for the easiest way to ease their burden and let him out. I wish there was a tally on how many people lost their lives because a team of lawyers eased their burden and let a monster back onto the streets. Why are they never held responsible? Police are held responsible for everything all the time yet the courts are inadvertently responsible for countless innocent deaths. We have that problem here in Harris County. Officers get assaulted yet the DA's office refuse to prosecute citing technicalities which reflect that particular assistant DA's incompetence in my opinion. There is one assistant DA who thinks shoving an officer is disorderly conduct despite having the statute read to him. There is another assistant DA who thinks kicking an officer while intoxicated isn't an offense.

Anyhow, anytime we don that uniform we are a target to any psycho like this. The odds are against us because we don't know who they are but they certainly know who we are. The sad reality is we, like the general public are also subject to the deadly whim of any psycho who is let back onto the streets by the courts. All we can do is keep our guard up. Be careful out there!

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