Saturday, December 3, 2011

An off duty deputy from the adjoining county called in on a drunk driver. By the time we get there both of them are gone. They must have left for more drinks together.

We then get an overdose call. We get there and I'm disgusted by the house. There is absolutely no carpet nor flooring aside from the foundation concrete. The guy was on a mattress with a huge hole in it. The furniture was old and dusty. Nobody in that house cleans. He had old Butthole Surfer concert posters from the late 80s/early 90s. There were also other alternative music flyers. Music I listened to back in the day. Yet I have my life in order and this alcoholic has health problems. He denied taking anything.

A recently unemployed woman turns to prostituting on a seedy side of town. She gets picked up by a man with a suspended license that gets caught speeding. With his suspended license and her warrant their "date" ends badly.

A man met another man in a park over a debt. I guess he couldn't pay it because he was stabbed several times. He survived.

A drunk drives the wrong way past an officer. Thankfully he gets stopped before he hit anyone. This was his 4th DWI arrest.

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